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Mishap at tailors. What should I do?

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I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this post.


I recently bought a new pair of Prada jeans for $300+.  I went to a tailor which I have been to before (and been happy with before) to have the jeans shortened.  They have an option to attach the original hem for an increased cost $20 vs not reattaching the original hem $13.  I asked that the jeans be shortened with the original hem; I paid for this option and the reciept reflects this.  The tailor messed up and threw out the original hem, making a new hem which obviously new and, in my opinion, ruins the look of the jeans.  Mistakes happen, and I understand that but I have been very dissatisfied with the costumer service (they have been given me a run around for about a week saying that they might be able to find the original hems, not returning calls, not being proactive in finding a resolution etc...). I finally receive a call from them stating that they will refund my $20 and return the jeans to me.


The bottom line is that I do not want to wear the jeans without the original hem. As of now the tailor still has the jeans and I just have the receipt.  The owner of the store says that he is going to come up with a fair plan, (although he is yet to contact me with it) but I am tempted to go to small claims court.


My question is what do you think is a fair compromise (keeping in mind that I am really bothered by the look of the new hem).  If I were to take them to small claims court (NY state), what sort of ruling do you think I would get?


tl;dr - Tailor shortened pants, threw out original hem. I have paid for original hem.  I am pissed off by costumer service, or lack there of, and don't even want the new look jeans. What should I do?


Thanks for your feedback.

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You're focusing on the molehill (no original hem) while missing the mountain (the jeans you bought are bad--worse, terrible).


I would let it go and wear your jeans w/ whatever hem they put on it, it won't make a difference.  (why? see above)


Then, lurk around here, and you'll find a better pair of jeans and won't ever care that this happened.  

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eh, no need to knock the OP's jean choice. IMO Prada's are overpriced but they're a good cut and nice denim and good construction, just overpriced. OP, were these predistressed that you wanted the original hem? what was so special about it?

(sorry, can't help you on the legal front)
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Thank you. While not really distressed, it was quite obvious to me right awa; not sure if it was the stich or that slight distressing that can be seen even on non distressed jeans.  


I, too, think the brand is not relevant for this issue.  Dbear, substitute 'Prada' with your 'brand de jour.'

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Why do you want the original hem anyways? It looks like shit if a tailor does that.
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Take the $20 refund and jeans back. Buy some sand paper and distress the hem as you see fit.

If the jeans had minimal distressing, than the sand paper and DIY distressing will be fine. If the jeans did not have minimal distressing, then there really would be no elegant way to reattach the hem (as the distressing characteristics would almost be impossible to match up).
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Which tailor did this?
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After a few wears and a wash or two, you probably won't even notice. It's a mistake, but a pretty minor one in my opinion. The jeans are completely wearable by most people's standards. Also, I think that reattaching the original hems is a bad idea and looks sloppy.

Taking this to court is insane, by the way. Refunding the cost of the alteration seems reasonable. Try to keep things in perspective.
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