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Well the stretch benefits, and price of the fabric, are so enticing I'm just gonna take a risk and get a suit made up in this knit I've found. Worst case result I'll have a decent casual jacket and some pajama bottoms... or maybe I can starch the hell out of it and iron it til it looks more like a woven. I'll keep this thread updated as I go along. First hurdle is convincing my tailor to take on the job....
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I really wouldn't try the pants, but the jacket could be interesting.

I did remember this, though:
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Originally Posted by Svenn View Post

Well the stretch benefits, ...


If your jacket stretches it's too small.
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Look up boglioli dover model. I have one and its awesome. Several other brands like Isaia and Brioni had knit blazers this season. Hell, Uniqlo has a jersey blazer
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I owned a jersey-knit suit by Armani (Spoo's intuition was spot-on) in my pre-SF days. It was actually a very interesting suit, with a wonderfully idiosyncratic drape, though not the most durable garment I've ever owned.


As I recall, it never failed to draw comment at parties.

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Here's one from Gant Rugger -

I got a generic Italian navy jersey blazer from Yoox recently and it's great.

Edit - This is the Yoox one but as ever you tell nothing from the Yoox pictures and styling -
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