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PRPS Experts (Rambler Fit)

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My apologies for starting a new thread on this, it's kind of urgent so please sympathize! smile.gif

I'm looking at purchasing a pair of non-raw, per-distressed PRPS Noir Ramblers online in a size 32" waist and I'm trying to figure out if they'll fit or not.The only pair of PRPS jeans which I own are the original boot-cut Dark Burners, which are quite snug and tight in the thighs, since I have rather large thighs. Interestingly after inquiring with the buyer I was given these measurements for the Ramblers:

Directly under crotch: 29cm
7cm down the crotch: 27.5cm

Having given my Dark Burners a quick measure, they come to 28cm directly under the crotch, which is quite confusing considering they're meant to be a "relaxed" fit pair, with the Ramblers supposedly being a "tight-slim ft". If somebody with these two pairs could give me a comparison that would be very much appreciated! Also is the Rambler a straight cut or does it have a taper?
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PRPS isn't too popular around here...

try denimblog or mynudies, amongst other sites

hope that helps
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Check the measurements given there. imo, they are not loose, but they are not really "slim" jeans a la Dior Homme, either.

irl, this is how they fit, more or less:
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