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Finding THE leather bag...

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Or satchel, messenger, whatever you'd like to call it.
Basically a one pocket slim leather satchel that will fit a thin 15" laptop.
I will mostly only carry the laptop with me, perhaps along with a book on the odd occasion. $500 max, maybe $700 if it's that amazing.

Will be worn with denim and casual shirt, so fairly nothing too formal.

This is the bag I've been searching for, they've gone out of business:

Any suggestions? There was a Billykirk Schoolboy bag that looked great but it was a bit chunky and they seem to be gone.
I've looked at Saddleback but all their offering seem to be quite thick.

Knomo kobe is practical (padded compartment, no sleeve required!) but nowhere near as pretty:

This is amazing but $1,050 is way off the ballpark and slightly chunky

Anyone have any suggestions? I've been looking on and off for months now, getting quite frustrating
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It's a bit of a stretch for your budget, but we can discount this bag to $999 for you. It's beautiful, hand made, and one of only a few produced.

The price isn't advertised on the site, but you can PM me for a coupon code that will reduce the price at checkout for you.
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Check out some of the Bally leather bags. Might fit your price and the look you're after.
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BK schoolboy bag is definitely not "chunky."
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dude look at scaramanga bags

ull get an awesome bag for a fraction of the price

same similar design
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Are you sold on the satchel style laptop bags or soft briefcase with shoulder strap is worth exploring?

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