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Shoes for wearing with shorts

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Guys I need help..

Need some new shoes to wear in summer with shorts and a polo probably...

Sydney gets hot in summer and jeans become impractical when its 35 degrees celsius, I need shoes for when flip flops are too casual... Thus..

I am in university (college)


Which shoes should I buy I was thinking these looked pretty simple casual



Which one would you choose????  Any other recomendations? I want to wear something a little 'higher up' then vans, but i won't be wearing boat shoes around lol..


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I don't like either of them

chucks, pf flyers, jack purcells, sambas, stan smiths, supergas, keds
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second shoe is definitely better. i'd still go with a simple pair of chucks tho.


or boat shoes in the summer...dunno why you are against them.

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They remind me too much of dunlop volleys like i'd wear on a tennis court


What about these?

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haha yeah i remember volleys.  (i'm from US but i spent 6 weeks in australia a few years ago....time in melbourne, sydney, and tasmania).  i remember seeing volleys in some of the stores in melbourne.  i considered buying a pair...almost wish i did now.


i like the white and grey lacostes from your first post best.

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Yeah I used to wear the dunlop volleys playing tennis when I was young so whenever I see people wearing their fashionably branded counterparts I can't get it out of my head thinking they're tennis shoes lol..

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why not just get a pair of GATs and have a similiar shoe minus the lacoste branding

see this thread
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