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Borrelli Shirts on Vente-Privee for $98 each

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Just got a bunch....
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Any idea what the fit is? It's impossible to tell from the photos, and the site doesn't provide any measurements.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

Any idea what the fit is? It's impossible to tell from the photos, and the site doesn't provide any measurements.

I just received an email about this. Can't hurt to try.

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True enough. I went for it. Free shipping if you pay with your AmEx card.
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It's a good deal; too bad they don't have SCs.
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are these the new ones with the plastic buttons which have been referred to on another thread, or something better?

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hard to tell with the pics, but if I had to bet, the buttons look MOP based on the collar pic. it's not my fault if they're not, though tongue.gif

I just grabbed a few - still lots of shirts in many different sizes
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This is the first time I am buying Borrelli shirt. I had a question about the fit of the shirt. I have read that Borrelli are generally slim fit which is what I want but how does fit differ from classic to luxury vintage to jersey shirts? I bought luxury vintage and jersey shirt for now but interested in buying more.

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Wondering about fit also. Looking at the pictures, it looks like jersey is the slimmest (there is more tapering at the waist) but it's hard to tell. Ordered 1 in white in small, figure it's worth a testdrive.

These measurements were from a random ebay auction for a borelli small jersey shirt:

Neck: 14.5"
Chest: 39.5"
Across Back: 16"
Waist: 35.5"
Sleeve Length: 32.5"
Overall Length: 27.75"
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The shirts shown in Vente Privee have square bottoms and are very slim.
They look like some kind of a diffusion line, i.e. cheaper line. Here's a page
from Virtual Clotheshorse that shows classical Borelli and other brand shirts.


Several pictures from a blog in Finnish:


Not what they're peddling on Vente Privee.
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I bought a few dozen , if they good I'd keep if not return, no big dilemma.
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Excluding the knit shirts, they appear to be Borrelli's boutique line. I.e. First rate, high-end. Albeit the descriptions of some shirts do not match the photos so it's hard to say for sure. Specifically, the white stripe motif displays photos for a solid white. I ordered a few––so time will tell whether they are as described or displayed.
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I got mine today and they are spectacular. Had I known they would be this good I would have gotten way more.

Lots of handwork, all chunk MOP buttons, beautifully wrapped and boxed, little booklets. They look like full mainline to me!
Fit is the same as other Borrelli I have. Slim arms, medium body, fitting an athletic shape wonderfully.

Go Vente-Privee! This was an incredible deal. I paid 98 each including shipping with my Amex card.
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FYI, there seems to be another sale of Borrelli on Vente Privee again...

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Just ordered 4 from the current sale. Won't arrive until mid-January, but I will try to remember to provide some feedback in this thread upon receipt.
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