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What tie would you pair with a burgundy striped shirt?

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Just an even stripe like university stripe or something..
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Originally Posted by kalye View Post

Just an even stripe like university stripe or something..

Probably solid navy.
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I have one shirt with burguny stripes and find it very difficult to wear a suitable tie.


The shirt is question is below.


Solid navy, as suggested above, is a safe bet. But I still don't find it looks that great. I'd also stay away from diagonal university stripes on top of a striped shirt.


A medium/dark green (with some sort of navy/burgundy pattern/polka) is possible, but I can't find any pics at the moment.


Here are a few other ideas from Drake's:





Red is a possibility, but lokos bad more often than not. Perhaps something like this?



Also, straying from the solid navy, something navy with a red pattern/polka in it, such as:



Would be interested to hear if anyone has other ideas!




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I'd look for a neat pattern, perhaps a small paisley, similar in scale to the stripes in red (same color family as the burgundy) on a forest green background (complementary to the burgundy).
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I should say, it also really depends on the suit you'll be wearing. If you're doing a charcoal, then an olive/army green background with burgundy polka dots might work well. Or with a tan suit in the summer I might go navy with white polka dots. A navy suit is a bit tricky since a solid navy tie would be boring (and probably wouldn't match the suit exactly), so I might either go tieless and use a more noticeable shoe (like light cognac) or else perhaps even try a dark grey wool solid (though I've never done this and would have my reservations).

This option by Tyrwhitt is alright as well, and could be done with Navy, though I'd have to see it to know how I felt for sure:

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The suit I wear with it is navy. I think there was an illustration I liked in dressing the man but no jacket. Just shirt and tie.

I like this idea..

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A lighter blue will be more stylish than navy.
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Any tie with a black, navy, or dark grey ground will probably work -- either solid, or with figures of a different scale than the stripes. Lighter blues and greys might also work, but proceed carefully.

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Also: repp ties in wide bar stripes, esp. navy and red or yellow.

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If it was me, I'd go for a plain tie in plum or a light purple, maybe a knitted tie depending on the material of your suit and how it fits. Broad stipes would be good with complimentary colours. Tonight I am wearing an olive suit, with a green and white button down shirt, similar stripes to yours, a plain green knitted tie, slate colour shoes and belt.

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Similar to Drakes, my favourite tie (which I don't own):

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Notwithstanding my suggestions above, I don't actually like my burgundy stripe shirt. Even when I do find a tie which goes with it, it actually find I have so many other shirts which go better with such tie!
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