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Office Supply Kits

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Like many of you I keep a few things in my office in case of emergency or for everyday necessity. I thought it would be helpful for myself, and others, to discuss what, why, how much, and real life stories of preparation coming through in the clutch.


For the record I am thinking of items along the lines of Tide Sticks, tooth brush, mouthwash, etc.



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Spare collar stays, nail buffer, mints, common OTC medications, and Emergen-Cs. Women often talk about becoming sick so I offer them an Emergen-C.

It's also good to have a simple toy if anyone brings their kid through. Offering someone's child a toy or candy makes them think well of you.
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Thanks Reggs - exactly what I was hoping for. I would not have thought of a toy or candy for a co-worker's kid, or Emergen-C for that matter.

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In the top drawer, toothbrush, paste & floss kit from a dentist trip & mini sample of deodorant. So glad to have the floss after a steak lunch nod[1].gif

Should probably keep some ibuprofen and some kind of antihistamine on hand too, but haven't yet.

I also keep some loose leaf tea,with the accompanying teapot w/ basket around as well... along with some plastic cultery. Just basics.
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Hand lotion, sunscreen, nail clipper, floss, toothpaste and facial moisturizer. I like being able to go directly to an event after work instead of having to go home to brush up if I had a long day and I look like ass at 6PM.
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