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I've backpacked with casual Keens before, and they're great for tons of walking and skirting no-sneakers rules. But I wouldn't go running in them. (Learn to run barefoot, and maybe cram some fivefingers in your bag?)


Aldo has some fairly comfortable, nice looking sneakers. Though I've never done extensive walking in them.

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How walkable are skate shoes? I've never worn them, but are they comfortable for walking more than 5 miles a day?



As for outdoor-product companies, good call, I didn't think about looking at them. Thanks for that, I'll check them out in addition to folks like Tom Bihn and REI — I'm not expecting great style from them, but I think at least one of them has to have a functional sneaker that looks decent.


Interesting re: leather shoe with rubber sole. I didn't expect those to be comfortable since they sound heavy; do you have any specific suggestions under those brands that I should take a look at that are especially good for walking? Thank you, by the way.


Good point about skate shoes - I walk around all day in them on the weekends, but they're not the greatest for long distances, especially if you're carrying a backpack. As for outdoor shoes, this should give you an idea - on this page, i think the scarpa mojito and manhattan, as well as the Keen Arcata and Coronado are pretty nice-  Even though a rubber soled leather shoe may sound heavy, they are actually great for walking long distances. I have a pair of Rockports that look like this, and love them for travelling: (this one is called the "Wanigan")


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dressy sneakers: do a search on Jil Sander, Bruno Magli, Bally, Tods and Ferragamo sneakers
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Billy Reid designed K-Swiss icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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you could get some black diesels



Or if you want to ball out, get some Prada - i heard they're actually comfortable. Mario Batali wears some Pradas in his kitchens all the time.



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This reply will get zero love on StyleForum, but given what you are trying to do, I honestly recommend something like Rockports.


They have some that are even more walker-friendly, though the styles are even clunkier than this one.

Everybody on SF will laugh at you. You may even feel uncomfortable in them from a style standpoint. But they will be comfortable to walk in, and 99.99% of the population will think you look just fine if you walk into a pricey restaurant with those, a pair of khakis, and a button-up shirt.
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Check out Clae, they are dress shoe/sneaker hybrids.


They also have them at zappos I think.

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Take a look at Frye Justin Low in brown:

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Frye are good. They make quality and durable bootst but, I have never buy any regular shoes from them so, can't really tell if they are worth the price. I would recommend Puma Mihara, Y-3 or DSquared sneakers. 

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Originally Posted by sailawayforever View Post

Age is 20, and I will be in mostly temperate climates but also some colder places (northern Europe).

From someone who has lived in Scandinavia: are you concerned about rain/snow/ice? Walking around in wet sneakers is no fun for anyone. I'm thinking Danner boots or some other hiking boot might be a better option? They can be found for around $200 on sale. Depends on the range of temperatures you'll be dealing with.
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Consider Lanvin sneakers. They're a bit more dressy than the other "baller" streetwear brands. The ones without suede should be fairly durable.
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Originally Posted by qubed View Post

Aldo has some fairly comfortable, nice looking sneakers. Though I've never done extensive walking in them.

I'd suggest a larger backpack to the OP.
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I suggest that you pack Alden all weather walkers, plus Vibram fivefingers for running... but that's just my 2 cents.

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Oh, and, btw, listen to noone who recommends leather-soled dress shoes.

You will come to hate yourself, and them, and your feet, before long.

Take it from someone who's been through this same experience.
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