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Hey everyone, I'm new here. My name is Lindsey. I came here to seek your help, I have a male friend who is 27 years old and is single. He has been unable to get a girlfriend for a little over a year ago, when he got out of a 7 year relationship. Well now he is having a really hard time just even getting dates. He is super confident and is able to accept rejection well, he talks to the girls but he never gets a number or even ask to see each other again. He told what he does and to be honest the way he does it how a lot of guys do it, that's how my bf got me. He goes to bars, coffee shops, online dating sites and he just can't seem to get a date. I've known him most of his life. I feel like I may be partial so I wanted to ask for others opinion. First thing I'd like to say is yes he does have standards which I don't think a guy should have to give up to get a date. Since he has an athletic body he wants someone with a similar body type. I have attached some images he sent me that he had on a dating site. Do you guys think he needs to change like his style or his appearance (hair cut, color etc) or anything else? I figured he would never ask for help so I decided to smile.gif