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Quality of Eleventy - Made in Italy

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Hi All,

I did a search on here and couldn't turn up anything on the brand, Eleventy.


I really like their aesthetic, but I am hesitant to buy it without having any sense of the quality of what they make. Any idea if they make their own stuff in house or if they use someone else to produce their goods? Thanks in advance for any help.
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I am wondering others thoughts as well... I have a couple vests of theres and was very pleased with them.  I know little about the construction techniques of there other merchandise though.  WSJ had a very high praise article about them a year ago.

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I used to work at a store that carried them. Their quality is very good! The aesthetic is very similar to Cucinelli, and I have a DB sportcoat from them that I love. Their easy lightweight, sometimes technical fabrics are excellent (in jackets and tailored garments). Their fit is quite small, sometimes you might want to size up. Shirting is good too, nothing crazy notable, but good. Overall I really like them; its hard to find in America.  

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I visited Jim at Khakis of Carmel a last year and he carries some Eleventy.  I tried some of it on and it seemed pretty nice.  I don't know much more than that and didn't even look at the price tags, but it definitely isn't junk.

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Stores that I know of that stock it for men in America:

Lord & Taylor 5th Ave. NYC

Saks 5th Ave. NYC

Saks 5th Ave. Short Hills, NJ




But yeah, it is a pretty limited distribution.


I discovered it at the Hudsons Bay Queen Street Store last Fall while visiting our northern brethren.  I too found the quality to be quite good, and strongly resembles Cucinelli.

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