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For Sale:
**SOLD** Alden Indy Boots 405 8E with cotton duck lining

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Alden Indy 405 boots: brown waxhide with standard neo-cork soles. These have the original cotton "duck" lining which are not made anymore (to my knowledge).  Size 8E.  As you probably know, it's on the Trubalance last so consider sizing accordingly.


I bought these at the beginning of June 2012 at Griesche Shoes in suburban Chicago and have worn them at most 10 times.  They show virtually no wear and have never been worn in rain or bad weather. Interestingly enough, Griesche Shoes had these new boots in their inventory (must have been there for quite awhile) even though they have stopped making Indy boots with the cotton duck lining for some time now.



-  There is a small blemish on the right inside heel.  I got a scuff and probably rubbed too hard and it turned darker for some reason and I haven't tried to put polish or remedy it (see the picture below).

-  The left boot's tongue seems to slide inward with wear (see picture). I asked about this on SF and was told this is somewhat common and that a cobbler can stitch the tongue to the vamp if it bothered me.  I have not done so.


Price: $325 + $10 shipping in CONUS (retail is currently $468 on TheShoeMart), otherwise actual shipping cost.

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