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The Left Shoe Company?

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I have been searching the web for reviews on this company but no luck, only PR articles.

They have a setup for the 3D measuring in my town and seeing the prices and style seems okay it caught my attention. But I'm wondering about the quality?

Does anyone have experience with this MTM shoe shop?

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Little bump


Apparently it was called the 'the left foot company' before, but still not a lot of talk about them out there.

Thinking about Allen Edmonds as well, but there are no dealers in Denmark where I can try them out.

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This outfit did open a shop in Birmingham, UK a few years back. I purchased a pair on an introductory offer.

Quality was on par with the lower Northampton manufacturers, I'd say Loake would be a good comparator. Having looked at the link you've provided I think quality is unlikely to have improved further.

If fitting is a major issue for you it's a consideration, provided their lasts work for you. Otherwise for the same price you can purchase shoes with better construction, leather, styling etc

The member CTbrummie may or may not have tried this brand also, so he might chime in.

If the 3d scanner technology is of interest to you, I believe Lodger & Lutwyche (London) may still be using this technology.
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It is indeed the fit I'm worried about and why they caught my attention and this is the very limit of my budget.
Have a pair of loakes 1880 and while I can't say anything bad about their quality they just aren't made for my foot.
I have a slim heel/ankle and a broad forefoot. Duckfeet you might say smile.gif

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Street clear of those shoes. Luckily have not put my own dough down to more than a pair (have had six), the quality of the leather is crap. The shoes fit quite well, but the lasts are still big compared to what they should be with my feet. I have a very narrow heel and the Lefts' lasts just don't go down to that tight. So a British f last is the best you will be getting with Left.


You get a better deal AND quality buying 2 pairs of Loakes at the price of one left "MTM". Not to mention puttin down the extra buck and just taking a pair of Sargents...

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I own three pairs and have mixed feelings on them. Firstly, they are the best-fitting and most comfortable shoes I've owned, hands down and no discussion. I wouldn't go so far as to bash the quality of the leather either - good beater quality and clearly better than they made them half a decade ago. The real problem is the price. The overall packacge just doesn't justify the 350€ or plus price tag on them. For that money you should be able to and can shop around for almost equal comfort but much better and solid build and seriously better leather. The Lefts aren't worth their price, apart from the fit IMO.
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As said my feet unfortunately don't match with the fit of loake.

And I don't dare to buy Allen Edmonds before trying the fit - and there aren't any dealerships near my country.

But thanks for the response.

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^ for AE do this:


1. Take a Brannock measurement of your foot (US Brannock naturally)

2. Buy a beater pair of AE off eBay. Take about 0.5 sizes smaller than your Brannock size and 1 fitting wider than your Brannock size (especially if you're buying Park Avenues). This maximises your hit % to get it right on the 1st try.

3. Test and resell if necessary. Re-order a second beater pair if necessary.


AEs move fairly well on eBay so you won't end up too much on the negative.


I have the same problem as you, even though mine is really with a crazy 14 B foot for which sizes aren't available at dealers. My size was exact to Brannock: 14 B.

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Pity about the negative responses. I love their Conrad model!


Any new experiences since this thread was last updated?

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Left is a Finnish company, but their factory is in Estonia. The laser measuring technology is fancy and different, but it's only use is to help the sales people select the likely best-fitting readymade last from Left's selection. The lasts are not modified in any way. Their leathers could be better, lasts could be more shapely, customisation options better, price-quality deal could be much better. While the Goodyear-welted construction is a nice add, it is not enough. In sum, you are much better off choosing any Northampton factory over Left.
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Yes, I instructed them to make me two pairs for my wedding a year ago. 


Whilst the salesman was pretty knowledgeable and approachable, I didn't have a good experience with the product.


The suede shoes were very nice and comfortable but the black oxford (contemporary style) were awful.. They felt like they were made for someone else. Very tight and this morning have given me terrible blisters..  I won't be frequenting theirs again. I paid over 350 gbp per pair but will be willing to spend 3 times that for shoes that are more comfortable..


They didn't spell my name correctly inside the shoe - that says it all..

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