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Sociometric Status and Happiness

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Anyone have thoughts on how our hobby of improving our likeablility through clothing and appearance fits into this model of happiness?

Clif notes: Money doesn't buy happiness. Respect, admiration, and deference from your peers does.

This article reminds me of the Alain de Botton book "Status Anxiety" (which is a great read by the way) where he suggests people don't pursue money for the material possessions they can buy with it, but for the respect they conciously or unconciously feel those material possessions will bring. He asks, but doesn't really answer, what are some ways to gain people's respect and have them like you without having to resort to fancy material possessions to communicate your worth?
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Are you mensimageconsultant's sock?

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No, but I'm certainly surprised he hasn't dropped in yet...
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I think, it should not really matter whether one possesses or likes material things when it comes to liking someone. If one is a "material person" it does not mean that this is all that person embodies. I think if material people do spend their money on valuable things like TAG Heuer watches and the like, and these poeple really appreciate the technological and historical value of such items then it should be fine.

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I'll actually answer this - when I was about 14-22 or so, I tried to see myself as very "zen" in my limited understanding of the concept, at that time. controling my ego was one of my top goals in my life. most of my civillian clothing was basically the type of work uniforms that a mechanic would wear, blue hardwearing work clothes, sneakers. clean but simple.

I found that it didn't work for me - not just the issue of dress, but the issue of trying to not let status and standing influence me. I think that there is something very noble in not caring about status, but it isn't for me. once Is started dressing better, I got treated better, and I liked it. I don't let it take me overboard, but yes, dressing like a serious man gets you treated like a serious man.
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