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For Sale:
Shell Cordovan Watch Strap, Unlined, NOS Kreisler

Will Ship To: CONUS

NOS Kreisler watch strap in unlined, black shell cordovan. Perfect condition. This is a very durable, highly water-resistant strap that should last for a long, long time. It's sized for small wrists (check measurements below). It includes the original box and a spare stainless steel buckle in case you want to switch the color and/or add a bit of length. Switching buckles would require some sewing though, as the original buckle does not have a spring pin. (Or I guess you could cut it off pretty easily if you didn't plan to use it again.) The extra buckle does have a spring pin, so it could be added without damaging the strap or taking the extra trouble of restitching it.

Lug width: 18mm
Strap with holes: 103 mm long, 61 mm from watch end to third from last hole.
Strap with buckle: 64 mm long w/o buckle, 72 with buckle.

Price includes shipping to the CONUS.