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Can I fix these custom shirts?

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Have a question.


Recently came back from a trip to HK and Vietnam.. 


In vietnam got a few suits and shirts from the market, they were so cheap thought why not... turned out the fit it perfect. I also got a few shirts and they fit great, they have two pleats in the back (from the bottom going up three quarters of the shirt.) 


When in HK I got 10 shirts from jantzen, had no time to get one and test sizing, so I brought a shirt with me and they measured off that. anyway they are quite a bit bigger and baggy. The have 2 pleats in the back on the top very small ones, but the large pleats going up from the bottom aren't there.. I notice if I pinch the material from behind it gets much better in the front.


Can I get a tailor to add these pleats and fix them? is this a good option? is it a problem that they already have those tiny pleats on top? 



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When talking about the 'pleats' coming up from the bottom, I think you mean 'darts'. Pleats are sewn at one or both ends and the rest is left open, as is usual for the pleats extending from below the yoke. Darts are sewn up the entire length.

Adding darts is a pretty easy operation, though you can alternatively just take the shirts in at the side-seams. Having both pleats and darts is unusual, though shouldn't be a big problem. If it is a problem you can relatively easily have the pleats removed as well as having darts added.
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here are the two I was referring to.  1st fits well 2nd is big.. 


photo 1.JPG


photo 2.JPG

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top pic are darts; bottom seem to be pleats.
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Tailors can fix them.

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is the only way to fix them, by adding pleats? are there any downsides to pleats style wise? 


I am 6ft 200lbs so a tad overweight but not bad. are they normally added if you have trouble getting a tight fitting shirt without them?



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