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What does men prevent of buying and wearing capes today ?

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We have discussed so far in another thread why capes got out of fashion for men

( see another contribution I wrote).



Now capes are back again on the catwalks, hanging on the shoulders of male models. 

But back on the catwalks does not mean they are back in the street.

And in how many shops for men's fashion can you buy already a cape ?


I live in the Netherlands and I actually I know none ( but it might come however......may be in the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam where the chique buy their clothes )


The matter is : when I wear a cape as a man, I mostly get positive feedback

although I only follow my taste ( see my album Cape - only) and do mostly not ask for feedback.


So : no worry. I have found out you survive nowadays

if you dare to walk as a man in the street wearing a cape.

On the contrary : I can even say most people like it. 


Now the question : what obstacles are there for other men to throw themselves in that adventure?


I am not talking about men who do not like capes for whatever reason.

That 's OK. Tastes can differ. Its allrigth. Do not wear capes if you do not like them. No problem.


I am talking about men who do like capes but do not dare to buy them or to wear them.


That is why I place this question : what kind of obstacles do you have to confront ?


If you like capes : what considerations do you have to buy one and wear one, or not doing this ?

And if you decide to buy a cape : on what occassions do you wear  it ?

Are there also different styles in combining and wearing capes ?

(Casual - "dandy" - "gentleman" - "rock" - formal ?)






I think one reason men do not buy or wear capes in big numbers,

is that there are not many examples available - for instance  pictures on the internet -

how you can  combine a cape with other clothes.


Another thing is : What kind of cape do you choose for which kind of occassion ?

For this reason I posted on my profile some pictures of myself, wearing a cape ( see album "Cape - only ") .


I think that men who like capes need some support in these questions. See let your ideas hear !


Italian Charming.jpg


I can find on the internet ( Lookbook for example)

many pictures of guys or men in capes which I do not like.


Sometimes the design is according to my opinion ridiculous :

For instance a "mancape" with  left side coat ( with sleeve) rigth side cape ( no sleeve) .

Sorry, call me old-fashioned but this is not my taste, but ofcourse somebody else may like it.


Or the designer seems to confuse capes with ponchos.  

I do not have objections against poncho's but they are NO capes !


What 's wrong with the classical cape in a good gentleman's combination as shown above ?


On the other hand : it seems to be that, when one tries to re - introduce a lost fashion - item

- and the cape belongs to this category for male fashion - it migth require a restyling.

Some designers have tried to restyle the mancape

probably to get rid of strange - almost classical - associations with - for example -  vampires etc .






E. Tautz transformed the classical black or dark blue woolen cape for men ( knee - length)

on the London catwalk in a fuchsia cape, combined with black clothes.

It migth be for ordinary or older men a bridge too far.

For the younger men it migth work.


That is may be the reason  that this designer

made the same cape in black with some small accesoires - belt /shoes - in fuchsia)

But E. Tautz created with this fuchsia cape fashion revolution.




Another example of restyling the cape and bring it back into men 's fashion

can be found by T.A.C.S. in italy.

They designed a red short full circle tabarro of heavy wool.

It is of supreme quality and available in many colours such as wine - red:





As far as I am concerned the award  for the mancape - designers go to Dolce & Gabbana with this cape

(picture below )00340big_837123344_north_552x.jpg



I think it this is  an excellent combination :  a " must- have ", but tastes can differ!

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Fear of ridicule
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Originally Posted by aj_del View Post

Fear of ridicule


Besides this, isn't a coat more practical? (arms' mobility, pockets, etc)
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I love the way the fog feels under my cape.
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My primary reason for not wearing a cape is because it's frowned upon to accessorize it with a rapier.
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I suspect many SFers will be donning cape (and cowl, and body armor) to the opening night of "The Dark Knight Rises" this week.

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The quarters of a cape are too open for my taste.
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Thanks for your feedback and honest reply. Here my thougths:


About "Fear of ridicule" :  there are better cape - options than the one shown in your picture.

If you  happen to do not like capes  at all anyhow, than there seems to be no problem : do not want it and don't do it.

Tastes differ, also about what is fashionable and what not. No problem, that 's part of reality.


Apart from wearing capes is my opinion is that you have to wear clothes where you feel comfortable and good in. 

Why wearing capes if you do not like them ? If so :  Do not do it.  Keep them reserved for your Halloweenparty.


If it is because capes are not "practical" you are probably rigth.

A coat is easier in use, though there are even capes with pockets inside.

But if "practicality" is the only standard then let's forget about a lot of accesoires : the hat, the tie, the pochet etc.  : not practical either.

Just use jeans and t-shirts. And feel good about it. No problem. If it only has to be practical.


But if you  happen to do "like capes", and never have weared one : so  stay at the safe side to begin with.


Here is my advice :


Choose a classical one ( black or darkblue knee - length ) and combine it well.( Have a look at the pictures above)

Ask your best friend or girl friend his or her opinion for feedback

And finally have your try out and go together for a nice coffee in town on a terrace.

Enjoy your company, enjoy your cape, enjoy your day and discover perhaps something new about your own taste and style.



Good luck!

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I purchased an authentic vintage Inverness (i.e., Sherlock Holmes) cape from Bookster in 2009, which I would wear occasionally when attending live theater performances. In 2010, I followed that up with the purchase of a deerstalker from another seller for Halloween. In 2011 to be period appropriate, I wore the outfit when I took my daughters to the Dickens’s Faire in San Francisco.

That evening, I attended a wine tasting at an art gallery- a singles event. I do all right at these, despite my being smitten with age and average looks. This time I wore the cape and deerstalker. I’m not sure whether the outfit affected the reception I received by women at this event. One woman caught me in a back room and said I was hot and proceeded to kiss me passionately; younger ones seemed quite content to chat with me. Given my outfit, I think most were just relieved I wasn’t one of those people in San Francisco that you want to avoid eye contact at all costs.

I joined a splinter group, which included the kisser that headed over to the St Francis Hotel off Union Square. While at the lobby bar (the starlight room was closed), people started coming up to me. Some wanted my picture. A guy came over to me and said two girls he was with wanted to meet me-I joined them for drinks, all the while others, mostly women, came up to me and started chatting. Parents wanted me to meet their college daughters (no chance there, but I was flattered). Returning on Bart to the East Bay I met and conversed with a beautiful tall blonde. So now I have a secret life, scientist by day, and dressed as Holmes and frequenting San Francisco hot spots by night.

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What a wonderful story.............! Somehow I suspect that there is a kind of women that have something special with men in capes. The feedback I when I  get wear my capes are mostly from women ( also from men ) but always positive. See also the huge  female fanclub of Henry Cavill, the new red caped Man of Steel ( 2013)  It migth be that men in capes have a romantic or rebellious flavour for them which seems to be attractive.  Ofcourse fhis is not a guarantee that every man wearing a cape will get  positive respons. It depends. Again : do you feel comfortable and allrigth while wearing your cape and did you manage to make an outstanding combination with hat, shoes, gloves, trousers etc.  I once asked feedback about my cape I was wearing from two sisters - in - law with whom I visited the Keukenhof ( the famous flowerexhibition in the Netherlands ) . It was the first time they saw me wearing a darkblue woolen cape.  I asked them whether they liked this outfit or not. Their answer was quite clear : yes, we like it, because its natural to you...........!!

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I don't get this. Please explain.

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Never mind what they think, they think anyway.

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Among other things, practicality: A cape can get easily caught in many things when you move car door, or revolving door of a building, and god forbid, elevator door.
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I would wear one, but have no idea where to purchase a quality cape.

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