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Workout with a broken wrist

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Recently i had a bad car accident which led me to an operation on my wrist. Right now i'm going through a rehabilitation and I won't be able to go to the gym for the next few months. Could someone advice me what to do in the meantime, to gain some muscles?

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I think there should not be a problem if you do some exercise like walking, don't you think? The wrist should be set still with a splint. Just wear your Rolex Datejust on the other hand. colgate.gif

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If you wrist is tightly packed then could you not do sit ups and change certain chest exercises to work from the elbow up? Obviously nothing too strenuous but just enough to keep the existing muscle as it is. 


Good luck with the recovery!

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Leg exercises really are all you can do as you cant train just one are as you will have an imbalance like that character from the terrible film lady in the water.


leg press, leg extensions, reverse leg curls, lunges

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