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Originally Posted by E,TF View Post

A brown glen check and a grey houndstooth I think.
these are 100% linen?
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So you're saying that it looks bad because the colors in the pattern are uneven or not very strong and on a jacket-sized scale this looks bad?
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I can't put my finger on why it looks bad. If I thought about it for a while I might think of the answer. All I know is that I have always hated and all the people I consider truly well dressed and whose taste I trust would never touch it.
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Originally Posted by E,TF View Post

A brown glen check and a grey houndstooth I think. I'm tempted, but perhaps I know no better.
Do you extend this rule to linen shirtings?

Go for it.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

these are 100% linen?

Well I'm not sure if they've actually been made yet, but I think that's the plan - at least he hasn't mentioned any sort of blend.
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I have two sportcoats in linen. One is a large scale brown glen check from Polo on their Princeton Soft model (the best looking RTW Ivy out there if you don't mind front darts). It is a loose weave, so it looks more like silk than linen. It is very casual. The linen is clearly not a suiting.

The other is a brick and cream mini houndstooth from Avery Lucas following crazy Apparel Arts 30s mode. I think I put it in storage somewhere as it is a little too out there in terms of styling. In wool, the cloth would be a suiting, but it would never work in linen.

Both sportcoats look fine to me, but I may not be a true Scotsman.

The cream/brown/blue check above looks awful.

I recall that iammatt has a patterned linen sportcoat but I can't recall any details.

Ed: This turned out to be a great thread.
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Both of mine are Polo as well. One is dark brown with a subtle tan windowpane, while the other is navy with a bolder white windowpane. The brown one always looks like hell, which I like a lot.
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Oh, Doc, I recall the navy one, yeah, it's no good.
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You mean 'cause it's great?
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it's a great example of why linens should not be patterned, yes.

though in truth I think navy window is a suit pattern and really never looks good as an odd
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It's way too loud to be a suit. I'd even entertain the argument it's too loud to be a sportcoat. But it's fun for the summer.

I can't see myself wearing a windowpane suit, so I get my kicks where I can.
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I'm with you Manton, though I haven't always been. I have a [brace yourself] fancy striped linen suit I've not worn in 4 nor 5 years.
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I agree it is too loud for a suit. I like a softer fuzzed out window for suits. But I still think it's a suit pattern

Navy odds are very tricky. Basically a solid is the only one I think I would wear. I like some of the lighter blues in donegal or harris but not in dark colors.
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Wearing all solids right now. Taupe/tan linen suit. Blue OCBD. Brown solid Shantung tie. White voile hanky in a stuff. Unribbed cotton socks. BandAid colored Lobb single monks. Straight, white teeth. No beard.

My face is also unpatterned, because of early and liberal use of sunscreen and lack of worry (by and large.)
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

thinman, that second tie is truly atrocious, I say that with no rancor in my heart, i've always though you were a good poaster.
No offense taken. I sometimes get bored with more conservative ties, especially when CBD is not required.
Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

Seems Duchamp-y.
They're both Talbott. The colors aren't loud enough for Duchamp.
Originally Posted by tobiasj View Post

Both of them are awful. With rancor mad.gif
I'll get over it.
Originally Posted by Manton View Post

I remember when I was building my little clothing library way back when and I found a copy of Mortimer Levitt's book, I think it was called The Executive Look. He was the founder and owner of the Custom Shop chain. The book came out in the late '70s or early '80s. It's not a bad book though idiosyncratic and dogmatic at times. (I know, pot, kettle.)
Anyway, one of Levitt's iron rules was "two plains and a fancy." That is, among suit, shirt and tie, two should always be solid and only one patterned. I thought at the time that here was really narrow-minded advice guaranteed to make men dress dull, dull, dull. I still think that. And yet, every day this week I have followed the rule. For most of the summer I have. Hell, for most of the last five yaers I probably have. Well, with the exception that I always wear a square and Levitt never does.
This my default for CBD. I'll wear only one patterned element or occasionally I'll add a patterned pocket square as well. What I now enjoy more than playing with patterns is playing with textures.
Originally Posted by Manton View Post

leaving aside the people who don't know any better, do any of you actually support patterned linen?
Though I'm undoubtedly one of those who doesn't know any better, the wrinkling of linen interrupts a pattern and makes a pattern on linen jackets look incongruous to me. I do wear patterned linen shirts, for occasions that are informal enough to dispense with a jacket.
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