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Thank you

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I had never heard of this place, but I visited one in Georgia today... wow. I never knew how much they had. I ended up getting a perfect pair of Kenneth Cole flat-front pants for.... 6 dollars. That's right. I also ended up with a second pair of Mavi jeans, although they don't seem to be as comfortable as the pair I bought at Nordstrom's. Can anyone explain this? Surely Mavi doesn't make a "Nordstrom's" line and a "Nordstrom Rack" line, do they?. Other than that, Lacoste, BC Ethic (very nice looking, non-conventional polos), Pringle blazers for 40 dollars. LOTS of brands I couldn't ever find before. How often does their stuff cycle? If I go back in a month, will I once again be wowed, or ho-hummed?
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In theory, stuff is sposed to cycle evry three weeks. In practice this rarely happens. But I would expect wowing 3-4 times a year, and I'd visit a minimum every 6-8 weeks. Also, it is possible that separate lines are made for outlets and "regular" stores. This is kind of a dirty little secret in the retail industry.
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Michael: I checked my N.Rack a few days ago and they are out of all the coats except one in 50L. Sorry about that.
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Find out what day your N.Rack gets their deliveries.  Mine in the Dallas area gets theirs on Thursday's.  That's the best day to shop, but they are usually very busy.  Everyone know's that's the best day to get the good stuff.
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