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Alright, I suggest everyone who wants to play agrees to Paypal Spoo five bucks.  When the auction closes, the closest estimate wins the total amount in cash or LuxeSwap credit (whichever's easiest for Spoo).  Spoo gets a 10 percent cut for proctoring. 

Spoo, would this be a massive headache for you? 

LOL. Sure, go for it. But lets not play for cash, could complicate things. Ill donate a prize to the winner though. Someone else has to manage the pot/guesses though - I got another 250 auctions to crack out, and trick or treating tomorrow.
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I'll collate, if people have no objection.  PM me your best guesses.  So that you know I'm above board, I'll make my guess public: $5600. 


Once all guesses are in, I'll make the guesses public in a google doc so that we can track progress. 


Entries will close at midnight EST tomorrow.  Since Spoo provides the prize and there's no cash involved, what do you have to lose?

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SPOO MAN! I Love Gianni Versace. Srs

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Well it wouldn't last but...

You're the highest bidder on this item!

...for the LP Vicuna jacket.

So that's kind of fun.
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