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Alright, did a tie cull from my personal collection. Free shipping within the US, $13 for as many as you take outside the US. All sales final, any major flaws noted. Paypal to spoopoker@aol.com as a standard payment for goods, NOT a personal one, and just put the name of the tie(s) you are taking in the payment notes so I know what its for. Ill be marking sellouts for about 1/2 hour or so. Go!

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Random Orbachs salmon grid - 55 x 3 - $12
PRL handmade italy cotton printed paisley - 58 x 2 7/8 - $18
Luciano Barbera wool rust navy block stripe - 62 x 3 3/8 - $25
Lands End Italy blood red crunchy knit - 64 x 2.75 - $20
Turnbull & Asser england ancient madder forest green floral paisley - 58 x 3.5 - $35
Brooks Brothers green magenta silk tartan - 56 x 3.5 - $18
Marinella forest green twill neat - 63 x 3.5 - $50 (tags cut off)
Drakes x LuxeSwap ancient madder navy green mosaic - 60 x 3 1/8 - $50
Zegna olive green cotton nailhead - 62 x 3.75
Brooks Brothers cashmere wool olive green tartan - 62 x 3 5/8 - $30
Robert Talbott black brown twill block stripe - 59 x 3 5/8 - $25
PRL Italy ecru maroon navy check - 60 x 3 5/8 - $30
Lochcarron purple wool tartan (hole on skinny end, not visible on front) - 61 x 3.5 $25
Marinella purple neat - 62 x 3 5/8 - $50
Marinella grey blue neat - 62 x 3.25 - $50
Versace silver grey degrade - 61 x 3 5/8 - $30
Hilditch & Key grey black woven houndstooth - 60 x 3.5 - $25
Anonymous navy twill polka dot (interior stitches loose, needs repair) - 61 x 3.25 - $10 or free with any purchase of $100 or more, just ask
Liberty made in England blue foulard twill red paisley - 60 x 3.5 - $18
Drakes shantung tartan plaid - 62 x 3 1/8 - $40
Drakes x LuxeSwap blue green crisp twill tartan (i wore this once i think) - 60 x 3 1/8 - $50
Holliday & Brown navy geometric neat - 62 x 3 3/8 - $35
Ben Silver handmade blue twill block stripe - 59 x 3 3/8 - $25

and some inspiration.





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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Happy friday you guys. Have fun poring over Mr. Bigs list for next week.


Can we find a slightly bigger, shorter, 42S Mr. Big? Mr. Stout, maybe?

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

What Oud do you get in Saudi Arabia?

No idea, it's all in Arabic. I just know the packaging.
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I like the Cambodian oud oil. Not the most expensive, but rich and special. Mine is from Ajmal.
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Ah, well... I probably didn't need to spend that money anyway.
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And why does that Marinella have to be 63" long?!
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To ensure that you didn't buy it before I did. Duh.
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alright, not so much interest here, so I'm popping that over to B&S - please check the thread in my sig for updates on the ties going forward! Thanks to those who purchased!
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Happy Sunday, fellas. Ive got about 325 auctions ending in just about 10 hours. As usual, heres my weekly roundup of some of my favorite things about to find new homes. I hope some of them find yours. Remember, free US shipping for SF members and half off international shipping for my friends outside the USA.

Cesare Attolini solid navy blue cashmere blend jacket for the smaller guys
Kiton cashmere silk DB that fits me perfectly so please buy it because I cant
NWT Sartoria Partenopea 100% Cashmere plaid
Brunello Cucinelli cashmere blend solid grey
Borrelli Nerano shoulder grey 100% Cashmere plaid
Loro Piana mainline 90% cashmere solid blue unstructured jacket (this thing is AMAZING and currently super cheap)
Awesome Brooks Brothers summer jacket for 42 S
Saint Andrews charcoal windowpane jacket (only $10 right now :/)
Isaia ivory dinner jacket
Brunello Cucinelli mocha linen blend summer jacket for the bigger guys
Zegna brown windowpane
INSANE Asquith & Warren dandy tweed jacket

Kiton british tan cashmere blend summer suit (only $42 right now (!!!) )
WW Chan navy pinstripe 3 piece for the smaller guys
Stefano Ricci solid blue suit
Astor & Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo

Burberry Nova plaid briefs
Versace robe (#poolswag)
Ralph Lauren Purple Label peacock blue trunks
Orlebar Brown orange bulldog trunks
Orlebar Brown green bulldog trunks

Avon Celli cashmere blend aubergine sweater
Ballantyne 100% cashmere argyle sweater
Avon Celli 100% Silk rust long sleeve polo (this is gorgeous)
Cruciani 100% Cashmere ivory V-neck
NWT $1500 Borrelli persimmon roadster sweater
Malo 100% cashmere lime green polo

NWT Valstar navy Belseta vest
Abraham Moon tweed muted grey Brooks Brothers DB coat (I would have totally kopped if it fit me)
Polo suede bomber

Over 50 NWT shirts from Borrelli, Luciano Barbera, Truzzi, Kiton, Isaia, Zegna, Buonamassa, Finamore….. (size 15.5 - 15.75 you should really click this link)
Ralph Lauren Purple Label pink pique polo
Instant collections of Sunspel for the summer
Engineered Garments madras popover

NWOT BBBF Summer Khakis
White Cesare Attolini pants (originally made for a billionaire)
Adriano & Sons aquamarine green summer pants (gorgeous color on these)
I don't know who made these, but theyre great pants. Will likely fly under the radar - quality is there though.
NWT Rick Owens black jeans
Vintage 70s Levi's USA made with Talon Zippers 517 jeans
Or Slow Japan army green cargo pants
Blue Blue Japan drawstring pants (these are awesome - and only $10 right now :/)

Charvet geometric
Kiton maroon neat
NWT Kiton Mocha stripe
Kent Wang green grenadine
Kent Wang navy grenadine
Collared Greens summer paisley
NWT Paul Stuart linen navy spotted
Solid black crochet knit
Rugby Ralph Lauren untipped blue madras cotton
Kelly green donegal flecked solid
Solid black Thai silk shantung (this is really an awesome tie)
Turnbull & Asser blue bow tie

Brooks Brothers Black Alligator belt
Make them tell you how nice your Coq is.
Coach briefcase
Vintage 1966 Cat imagery pocket squares (RJ Man, he is missed)
Navy blue spotted English made pocket square (#menswear)
Superb Etro paisley pocket square
Frank Lloyd Wright scarf
Where are my stockbrokers?
Green Kiton pocket square
Grouped lots of NWOT/NWT pocket squares
Cleverley England Russian Reindeer wallet
Edward Green Jodhpur Boots
Filson Briefcase
Black Persol sunglasses (these were mine)
Sumo bag
Gorgeous merlot pocket square
Long Japanese printed double sided summer scarf
EXPENSIVE Reiz Germany Eyeglass Frames
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Congratulations to all the winners!
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Hey guys - Im closing the St.C / Creed / Carmina sale today at midnight. Im bumping it up in B&S in a few hours - but for LuxeSwap thread followers, Im marking down the pieces in the thread for the last day. If you're interested in anything, I need to have it all wrapped up by midnight. PM me with what you want to buy, that you're following this thread, and Ill give you the bottom price for the piece.

Need to have it all wrapped up by midnight so don't wait too long!

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I lost out on the Brooks pocket squares by $1 when it jumped last minute and I didn't bid on the NWT Brioni pocket square because I expected it to jump and it sold for 10.50? WTHeck lol Lesson learned for next time :) 


I did win a sweet Samuelsohn jacket. Hoping it fits once I bring in the waist. 




PS If there is any Canadian customers on the fence because of shipping I can tell you from this experience and others, Spoo is the best! 

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so Spoo, how should I wear the corduroy? I'm thinking grey flannel wool pants, white heavy cotton ocbd and maybe a navy cashmere tie? 

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Originally Posted by Spruce Moose View Post

so Spoo, how should I wear the corduroy? I'm thinking grey flannel wool pants, white heavy cotton ocbd and maybe a navy cashmere tie? 

grey flannel, oatmeal, charcoal.... actually pretty versatile!
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Originally Posted by Spruce Moose View Post

so Spoo, how should I wear the corduroy? I'm thinking grey flannel wool pants, white heavy cotton ocbd and maybe a navy cashmere tie? 

I like that. Could go tie-less too. Thats a strong color and probably nicer with an open shirt rather than formalized with a tie.

Speaking of tie-less (and one more plug for St. Crispins), today, in the shop.

Brunello Cucinelli jacket
Thom Browne OCBD
Hermes "Flamenco" pocket square
Epaulet pants
St.C shoes

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