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Originally Posted by hooker4186 View Post

JK BRO! I know.. your right! ridiculous!Even with it spoilered to not bother any at all, its still much, I apologize. I just felt that since I've personally studied this exact situation very closely over a long period of time and such, and so familiar with all scenarios as well, that I would just give as detailed answer as I could .. for you, I mean obviously for you specifically, not for anyone else, since it wasn't anyone else who asked...I mean you did ask the thread for peoples help, and you take the aformentioned knowledge then and how much you helped mine start  out and everything, I felt obligated to be as through and detailed as possible. I mean its a very specific question directly related specificallty to your business alone, so I mean even with alll I did sure, I honestly think the spoiler will will do the trick and everyone else who has no reason to, or cocnern, just blantaly written for someone else, I mean just obviously  none of their business etc...can easily scroll on past without any bother at all.......

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For ties I don't even read the title.  For other stuff, I'm generally limiting my eBay search to you anyway, so for a sample size of 1, it makes zero impact.

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Originally Posted by Jompso View Post

I'm sota glad you brought thsi iup cuz I've found myself thinking about that too with your auctions, and I;ve actually kinda wanted an opprutnity to sorta break it down, purely from an academic stance, Because I actually took a course specifically based on the concious and subconsoiuos o your customers and the things your should and avoid etc. to make sure you do not tamper with theis mind sets.....and to add, my efforts put fort in said course rewarded me we an grade of amere 98, so you could say that at the very least, I was always sure to turn my homework in on time and stapled, never doggy eared.


Seriously though, I am going to just give your my honest opinion based on it current alyout and how you may not be wasting money but insteaad alloating to the wrong thing sand perhaps missing a possible marketing streatgy that could pay out quite well....Simply my opinion agree, don't agree, or conclude I'm possibly retarded, either way I'm willing to take a risk.


My Honest Thorough Rundown....And Honestly, I Simply Thought More Explained the better, cuz no offense to anyone in any way here who has also chimed, But I've studying this topic formally and II am constandintly studying the constiocus and subconscious, and interlrealation and repsonse meachnaism in cusmters I'm probably the closesst to an expert for free (Click to show)

The current way in whcih you are using bold isn'tas much as something that could possibbily be a waste of money, this should be looked at in a far different and more serious manner, what you should focus on more is  the way your currently using bold loosin gyou money on your auctions.And basing my conclusion solely o my education of the cusotmer psyche and yoru store at the moment, I can't say yes you are, but I can confidently say, without question, your current method is doing more harm than good for a few specific reasons.


Thsi new batch dropped seems far better then rpevious ones however their are certain specific types of things that are the types of things that do nothing but confuse customers and result in horrible questioso to answer, and horrible as in in painfullly stupid. to speak on ties specifically for a moment, I will showcase concern and possible profit loss etc...Having a list of ties all togther and having one bold, and that one being a vintage Talbot regimental. Here is one of those tricky situations, cuz I know what your trying to do here as I'm sure others do as well.These specifc ties by talbott, these vintage regimentals, especially the ones with the offical patches and such, are absolutely excellent quality ties and if they've been cared for are gorgeous as well. So here specifcally you seem to have used it for marketing purely, for the aficonado who wants a vintage regimentale by talbott, your good to go cuz they found this listing purely based on its bold appaerance perrhaps. However maybe you instead get a contractor instead, a guy who does Kitchen isntallations or owns a small appliance store, his knowledge is limited but contains a few thngs, one of the few would be a message impanlted a few years back that has sstuck although any sorta of knowledge of product hasnt followed. His brain is telling him Talbott ties are good, ok great, you have some for him to buy, wait, why is thsi talbot tie bold and thsi one isnt but this one looks much older than this, this new one have something wrong Im not catching whats happening etc? This man doesnt know a vintag Talbot regimental tie from his fucking dick but now you got some labor worker confused over your ties because he is unable to understand purely basedon their presentation, because you could tell the fucker that all of the non-bold one comes actually come with a paid for night with a 4 grand hooker, but regardless of the whore or the logic you try to impart or his tie taht he bought to fuck this whore all night  or whateer, hes still gonna be fucking wonderingg about why that shit was bold. Some of what I'm saying may seem rediculous or impossible or something that wouldnever happen or just hat people are thsi stupid etc... And lemme just say that all of this is shit that happens on a number scale that is measured in th emillionsevery hour, and as far as retail is concerned, a customer may walk in having a tested IQ of 140, boom, He's no fucking Hawking, but this individual, based purely on the score he did receieve on teh test created solely to see how intelligenta nindividual is, this man can more than likely group the right words together that would create a sentence that would befound grammatically correct, hell maybe hes not quite a genius or anything but is weird smart like those fucking weirdos who dediate their lives to memorizng all the number in Pie and he's sittin on 100 flat nd hes proud, well the fact ould be that this man is actually close to flat out solving PIe for all intents and purpsoes, because all youshould care about is the facc that hes in the market for a tie and this math weridos with intelligence and thir stricltuy linear type thought processs doesn't allow for things like the unexplained abstract, the random etc.. to come to him with him tryin gto figure out the pattern in it,  Well great, what started out as an aintellignetn indivudal who need some ties has noticed an irregularity in thei rpresenchdation while possessing a slight knowedge of his on aboout ties, and becomes set on figuring out the pattern in th eirregulalirties....in 20 more minutes he'll have graphing paper with  traced image of whats nexto it, the goddamn Fibinacci shelland gemoetirc sizing and its subsequent number scale the Fibinacci scale and be applying Fibinnacci numbers trying to find the mathematical signifcane behind your bolding choices, why you chose what you did and wh you left some out, and thsi man isn't going to stop because he refuses to beling in random occurances, hes a numbers weirdo that has no life ecept for trying to prove that everymysterin our universave can be either figure out proen or explain by math........well you just lost another tie customer and gained a stalker.......



So after all of that, giving myself the liberty to write with te sheer purpose of entertainingwell solely myself most likely, I also was sure tomake somethings very abudnelty clear that should be looked at immediately at the very least, but in all honest at the very least, arrangedin a more thought out manner, but my mainprimary suggestion over all else, that will save your so much hassle and youll get none of those types o fcusotmers that I made up and admittedly probably the only person on thsi forumm who would make up these types but whatever exxxpect the unexpected.


1. Not a single NWT KIton 7 fold to a vtg Englsih block BB tie to an anonymouse gren to a goddamn limited edition 1or 1 serial numbered golden woven Marinella, receives a bold setting. Especially with the groupings too and such, the only thing your without question accopishing with bolding some ties and some nto and bolding 1 in a group of 5 especially if that 1 is neight the best nor worst and perhpaps even most avg...your fucking your margins, by creating a segragating source with your inventory and uses it in a manner only understood by few, you are seemingly using the bold setting to bold the ties you think are worth something, while leaving the ones alone that arent, thsi, like those 2 Hermes? unless they are sold to people who cant date them by model and sizing andknow what their doing, left to the gods and going t osome 16 your old shit head from Middle america, the bold one mis gonna go for probalby 15 or more than the non bold one.....Now I haven't lookedat themnor dated them so may behtieres is a descrpency in tehir value i dunno, I stating thigs assuming they are just as old and vtg equally.


Over merely just fat out ot bolding any ties, I think you shouldl startlooking at this bolding option that goes hand i and with what Spoo does, he takes the rare, the odd, the unknwn, averagvalue etc...,and the Spoo makes them worth money...If I were Spoo think I'm approaching bold thiniking about the consginment bo I just opened and thsi really unknown english made suit I got, and how a Bold setting can turn this into the rarest english suit that isnt row, or non bold makes it this suit that was made in england just like tens of thousand otherss suits a eveyerday.


I also personally merely suggest and nothing more....thath if your auctioning matching items, and im talking cateogry types sticlty not identical things side by side,im talkthese two scarfs in a row specificallly, you \got one bold and the other not, I think what that has done is one thing, made sure the none bold one isn't going for shit, eespecially if the bold oe doesnt draw a very hi demand....I would actually apply thsi rule store wide with items such as theses. Obviousl the unique special or rare or valuable and shit canbe bold underline you can use fucking Word Art from micosft word allso too ifyou like. But all accesorry type that are more or lessidentical and dont possess properties making them worht aton over the rest, I wouldnt bold a single wone and sperate them from others this auctions jsut like all auctions will end in the appropriate manner with the more vlauable product getting more money for resale, However by simply showing your cusomter base thath the rest of the same exact category types arent woth spending the 2 bucks on your inadvertantly credting doubt and separation i your inveotry,


As far as suit and blazers are concerned I feel like this is the few types that you can have a balll with the bold and just cofuse the fuck outta people and try to increase prices etc....Because this is the only category that has any sorta scale as far on value on the secondary market is concerned.



With that said that is merely by amatuer psyc analysis of the way your bolds are truly taking a toll and to what extremes. With all else said though, perhaps yes I should have come up real actual people types that you deal wiht on a daily basis or whatever and fucked around with crazy people only, I mean making up a csutomer you have lost who is now obsessed with your business because hes set in his life to figure out why bold the ies you doe it can absolutely be eplaiend and he si goign t ouse the math rules of the world, seen everyone everything,solving your pattern using the Fibinnacci sequence, I must be fucking crazy to a certain extent ....... However with that perhaps immature attempt at help I do have a piece fo mature help/advice, that hoeslty you can ignore every word  said, I was honeret you pooled us and I was honored t try and help you, I wt because I turnedin all my hoemwork and di well on all the testetc...ould like to finish though with a seires note that may make some of what I said make more senese perhaps, the 98% I received in this course specifically about his topic, well lets just say I didnt get thathat was just the very tip of one fucking ice berg, however that one Ice Berg, it runs deep, it runs deep via pscylogy reesarch, basic customer behavior pattern, buying pattern, customer types their personality types and what that means etce etc.......I the best part about


But essentially studying thsi specifc topic heavily in my free time a lot, taking a great interest in concious working mind of oever customer and however subconstiouis is fighting it, pr perrha[ps helping with ireforce a decision, certain ypes of display to avoid and aeverything, essentially just generally airlylly extensive research directly to do one one type of person, the type of person wh opays the type of clothing I sell, because that means money, and if your ddoing this without even thinking of perhaps learning about who your selling to, well maybe your not doing teh write thing or something, cuzt ahts the informations you should have already and not knnow purely due to the extent of nfomration and notghing llse, So even if you read whative shared, you entirely decline eversingle thing and refuse to do anyting I gueest or whatever, I would question you for a socond, this is your baby, you raised this baby and shes soley your.....Just be assured though, The reaction types and basic reasonings as to you etc, are thing sthat happen multpies times at the sam estore at the some time etc......Other wods, you don't to feel the nee to perhaps contact another person that knows about cusotmer behavior you may know in the industry.........Sure, I had an exxample that turnedout to be a math freak, and notjust any, specifially someone who studies the fiibianccii numbersr, So this man is alrealdy completly aunder the influence that every single thing in the gqlqxyy and every all the way back till we were 4 foot slimeballss fresh from teh swamps andshit, can all be either explained with or answered with math and the Fibiancci sequence is essentially the main primary sequence of nyumbers repeated ina gemotric type pattern wsimilar to that of a swirlf or how its depcticed as a sea shell,m he cracks the code and figures out with the sequenceures it out. 3+3+5+3+8+3 etc.. yes your second fake customer scenario is about this and solving the bold choices using these numbers....


Ok maybe I'm starting to loose grip.....



You either type way too fast and miss the typos, or you spell horribly. I had a hard time following the stream of consciousness. 

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I hope that not only makes sense literally in a grammatical fashion, but also allows you to have a quite literal understanding as to why I do what I do and why I don't really have, those classic go to type options that almost every single man isnt eve 30 year year working a fucll time salaried joa and is makrried is make

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Well, thanks all for your input. lookaround.gif
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Didn't even know the bold was a thing, so definitely a wasted fee from my vantage
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Originally Posted by ericgereghty View Post

Didn't even know the bold was a thing, so definitely a wasted fee from my vantage

Appreciate that, and glad I asked. So more than likely, Ill be canning the bold fee starting next week for all auctions - which means another $2/item on your checks.
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Those three posts probably contain more text than the rest of thread combined.
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What another week without more epic from Mr. Big?

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SOOOO much shit in my size.
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Teasing us with the Rick Owens
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Teasing us with the Rick Owens

Naw man - those are wimminz.
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5 MAY 16

1. Kiton Cashmere Blend Tan Suit

2. Barbour Gore-Tex Lined Drigg Jacket

3. Brioni Cashmere Blend Donegal Jacket

4. NWT Luigi Bianchi Mantova Plaid Jacket in Piacenza Cloth

5. Vintage 1990s Jean Paul Gaultier Glasses

6. Deadstock Vintage Levi’s Trucker Jacket, NWT

7. Vintage Made in USA Converse Chuck Taylors

8. Silvano Lattanzi Alligator Shoes

9. Hugh Parsons Reversible Silk Wool Ancient Madder Scarf

10. Ralph Lauren Shell Cordovan Shoes

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