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EMMA STONE, the ugliest actress in the world and for some reason became an a-lister. Hollywood sucks period.

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Reported for homosexuality.
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I agree, I don't think she's as attractive as people make her out to be. If I had to choose a red head (I know she's a natural blonde, but emma stones known for being a red head) I would choose faye raegan.
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she took every role lindsay lohan should be getting! that bitch! lilo4eva!
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I'm guessing you wanted to open this thread on the Emma Stone discussion page at the IMDB.

I just looked and CallMeReckless calls her Muthafucking ugly. Galinda Fried is not the only person who doesn't like her and KubrickTarkovsky says she looks like a toad.

I think it's pretty cool that you express yourself about the things that are IMPORTANT in your life but, wouldn't you feel more at home there?
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In every Emma Stone movie one of the following thoughts go through my head

"Wait, she's supposed the be the hot chick"?
"Do they seriously expect us to believe guys don't want her"?

So, yeah, Emma Stone confuses the shit out of me.
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