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HELP! Suits for a really short guy

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Hi, I'm a long time lurker but a new poster who will be going to my medical school interview. I know it's early but I really want to dress better than the other interviewees and thus am starting my search for a mid gray or navy suit. I have a huge problem in finding suits because my height is just 5'0" (damn genetics), and of the indochino and Tat threads I've read, no one seems to be this short.Other people have posted on OTR suits but because of my height, even XS doesn't fit me too well. I was wondering what my options are, suit wise? Money is tight so I'm looking to spend 500$ or less. Thanks

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how short are you...?
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Look into kids sizes. I think there are some ralph lauren kids pieces. But if you do made to meaasure it doesn't matter if no one your height ever got them to make a suit quite that small... it's made to measure (specifically, your measurement) isn't a hard-to-fit body the main reason to go custom?
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Childrens/youths ranges or else MTM, the Far Eastern tailors should be well used to this height but any DECENT MTM tailor should be able to cope.
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Indeed, I had a friend of similar stature and the Ralph Lauren Polo Kids (Size 16, not even 18 year olds!) fit great. The only issue will arise if you're particularly muscled or fat, because 16 year old kids don't tend to be either, and as such the suits are cut quite slim.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

alright, I'll break the suspense.

It is amazing what the Search function can throw up. So many subjects have been covered over the years that little seems that new.
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