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Look, I'm not saying I disliked the film, I enjoyed it. I think for someone who knows the characters in the comic, it's a bigger issue. The series, as a whole, was a really good one with TDK obviously being amazing (I think that hurt Rises inherently, how do you follow that up?). I was just mentioning some things that rubbed me.

It's a simple discussion, never accused you of hating the film. I'm a comic book nerd too and was appalled by Schumachers Bane because I do know his character from the comics but I like Nolans version too. I get the problems you have with it though and I was just saying it didn't bother me. It's all good, we need to move on though before others starts to chime in on why TDKR sucks and next thing we know we are bitchin at each other about it for the next 10 pages or so.
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Haha, agreed.
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Nerd? Who you calling a nerd? patch[1].gif
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nolans bane was amazing. I thought tdkr was a lot better than the tdk.

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Bane was great and TDKR was also, but you are way off. TDK was easily the better film of the two.
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This movie reeks like a poor attempt to cash in on the Nolan-izing of Batman. The symbol drawing, the music, the yin-yang relationship between the protagonist and antagonist... when I think Iron Man, I think RDJ one-liners and AC/DC, not this. Now that Avengers has taken on that light-hearted rock'n'roll action hero smash fest role, looks like Marvel is trying to cash in on the whole tragic superhero thing that made a gazillion dollars for DC.

There's a lot of imagery and other parallels that can be drawn between Nolan's Batman and this even just from the trailer. Given Marvel's track record ($$$$$$$$), I'm not surprised they're going this route.
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Thing is they'd make $$$$$$$$$ just from continuing on the path set by the Avengers. The Avengers made ridiculous money and outearned TDKR worldwide by 50%, why mess with that?
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Like I said, it seems like Avengers has taken over that role from the Iron Man movies; IM was always somewhat carefree and built around RDJ making snappy-one liners with rock n roll playing in the background. Avengers definitely took that and ran with it. I suppose there's nothing stopping them making IM3 and A2 in the same vein, but the IM3 trailer was nearly identical to the TDKR previews we saw. I'm not sure why they would try to make those kind of direct associations if they weren't trying to piggyback on it in some way.
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can someone fill me in on who Iron Patriot is and what his role in Iron Man is?

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That isn't really the comic book version of Iron Patriot (we're not even sure if it'll be called that in the movie).

Better to just add a link to the info of Iron Patriot than trying to explain it:
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anyone else hear about a possible cameo from the ant man in iron man 3? seems there's a possibility of having radioactiveman (dr wu) and ant man (henry pym) in IM3.
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