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Iron-Man 3 Movie Threa (May 3, 2013)

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New suit.
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^ Do you know if this is the last Iron Man film?
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No way is it last, it just makes too much money.

It is however the last one in RDJs contract, after this he is only contracted for Avengers 2. So IM4 might be with a new lead unless they renew his contract but dude will be asking for a lot of money or a much bigger percentage of the box office number.
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Also I think that suit might be the one that get destroyed, I don't think it is the Extremis version.
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^^ No, yeah that's what I meant. The last one of RDJ. I mean, I'm sure they could afford it but what with ScarJo's paycheck for A2, you can bet he'll negotiate for the big bucks.
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The reported $20mil for Scarlette in A2 is insane but RDJ already made more than $50mil in A1 because of him getting ~7% of total revenue (and A1 is in the billions now not including the DVD sales yet) and I believe he has the same deal with IM3. Since RDJ does such a great job, Marvel will likely keep throwing money at him and will only replace him if he wants to stop playing the role. I remember someone from Marvel saying this will be like a James Bond franchise where they'll keep replacing the lead but the movie will keep going.
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^ Well, it is definitely one of their better franchises (can't really say the same for Hulk and Captain America tbh). If they do go down that James Bond route, wouldn't it cause some consistency issues for the ensemble pictures -- unless they plan on doing that with all their heroes?
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They'll probably try and do it that way. All they really need to do is make the ending open ended enough for each film that they can be part of the Avengers. Like Thor, the cube didn't really have any part in the film until the end when the scientist opened it up and was controlled by Loki. The other films just had RDJ or SamJack appear in the end.

I do think if the other franchise can't keep up or make as much (since the actor will likely ask for a raise) then they might just not make the films and just add them to the Avengers, kind of like the Hulk film. They didn't really bother making another one when they had plenty of time to put one out before the Avengers film.
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Hopefully, RDJ can stop wearing those ridiculous lifts. He just looks off when he wears 3-4 inch lifts in his shoes.
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Thanks for starting is thread RFX.
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It's not Ironman without RDJ playing the role. He does it so well.
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Don't like the gold.
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+1. God, that looks like shit.
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Teaser in the SDCC Panel:
We see a bunch of footage -- Guy Pearce's character -- The Iron Patriot armor

"Some people call me a terrorist," says a voice (I don't think it's Kingsley)

"I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: There is no such thing as heroes."

We see a bunch of helicopters firing on Stark's house, blowing it off the edge of the cliff

Inside, every suit of armor is destroyed

Iron Man falls into the ocean as wreckage comes down on top of him

Cut to...

Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin

It's the costume from the comic almost exactly

The footage ends and they're even calling him the Mandarin now
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Fuck yes the Mandarin!
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