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The nonnative autumn-winter 2012 collection is up: .

It's based on Portland, Oregon, style. It's a better version of what I was wearing in 1993, which appeals to me. I'm a fan of the brand, which is somewhat similar to Wings + Horns, but -- as I'm sure many of you know -- of better quality with a more interesting range.

I'm also glad to see the retailer list (of those that ship to the U.S.) has expanded: .

For the spring-summer, it was only LN-CC, Oki-Ni, Haven and Roden Gray. For the fall, Tres Bien Shop and Mohawk General Store have been added. I will be interested to see what they choose to buy from the extensive product selection: .

Any thoughts?
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While there isn't much information about the brand (in English), here's an LN-CC interview with designer Takayuki Fuji:
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Great to see TBS and Mohawk will be carrying their stuff. The guys at Roden Gray have always been super helpful and informative, and seemed to have the best prices out of the folks who ship to the US.
Definitely one of my favorite brands, the construction and details on the items i own are really something else. Pretty keen on the Lumberer shoes and will be very tempted to pick up a pair once they're released.
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I just bought a hiker jacket. I'm waiting for it to arrive.
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New season stock:


Tres Bien Shop

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so does tres bien and oki- ni
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Haven has some stuff. I bought a light jacket off of roden gray a few months back that is one of my favorite pieces
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Mohawk has some stuff online now. The heavy oxford's are nice, I'd picked one up from Roden Grey last time they were available and it's one of my favorite shirts.
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Here are the links for Haven and Mohawk General Store:


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Roden Gray.
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Can anyone who owns NN stuff comment on the sizing of their tees, button ups and sweatshirts? I'm normally a small in most brands, but on the larger side of small due to an athletic build. So I'm inclined to order mediums in the tees and smalls in the others.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Size 2 would probably work best in button ups. Size 1 is a little tight in the shoulders if you've got more of an athletic build.
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New season is up, the lookbook isn't too appealing imo but the actual products look to be on point as usual.
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Love it, will instakop a few items.  

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So, anyone have a way of buying this stuff from japan?  Some items I want already sold out from my preferred webstore =/

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