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Any experience with this Bangkok tailor (Savile Row Bangkok)

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Anyone have experience with the Bangkok tailor Savile Row Bangkok? They have a tour coming up in my area and I'm thinking about giving them a shot but wanted to see if any of you had experience with their suits (from either a trip to Bangkok or from a US/UK, etc. tour).


Sorry if this is a stupid question. I searched the forum and wasn't able to find much.


Thanks for any advice/feedback you can provide,




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Well, with name like that I'm sure it'll be nothing but top notch. Savile Row... it's world famous you know.

Add in the mystery of the exotic Orient.

Betcha it'll be affordable too.
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Thanks for the response. I know that the name is a bit cheesy and appreciate your tongue in cheek response. However, I am looking to see if anyone has any experience with this place.


The lack of feedback isn't encouraging. Maybe I'll pass this time.

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Spoke to tailor at SR. They won't make a full canvass jacket, if I remember my conversation well. Can't say anything else about them.
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Thanks for the reply. I decided to skip this because of the lack of feedback on SF. 

Your comment on the full canvass jacket helps me feel better about passing on this.

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I have experience with them.  It's a scam.  


They actually have quite a few good reviews all over the net - which is why I chose them.  However after my experience I have to wonder if most of those reviews were legit.  The whole this was horrible.  They seemed to have no idea what they were doing (I knew more from sewing with my grandmother), the quality was terrible, and I had to go to the shop several times for this (practically daily for about ten days).  Oh, and did I mention the quality was terrible.  Like embarrassing.  Rough seams, no shape, no canvassing, below average fabric. And shockingly horrible cutting, particularly bad considering just how many tries they have.  They try to get your money as early as possible.  I insisted on holding on to half, but they made sure that they 'ran late' and had to drop it off for me late the night before I left - they insisted it would be fine ("easy, final adjustments").  So they made me pay earlier in the day, then dropped off a coat that actually looked worse than I left it.  And they left it with the concierge so they wouldn't have to answer for it until I was out of the country.  


These are bad people.  They will waste your time, take your money under false pretences, and smile at you the whole time.  Make no mistake, you won’t get what you asked for, and will get dragged along until you give up on account of leaving the country.  They pray on your trust, and victimize you for your cash.  

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