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for those with bespoke experience in HK

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Hi all,
I have read endless posts on this forum raving about wwchan and have decided to give them a try in early March when I go to HK; however, upon perusing wwchan's site it seems that they will be touring the US at that time. Patrick Chu's not the only cutter wwchan has, correct? Would you recommend someone else since he'll be in the US at that time? I emailed wwchan but they have not replied.
If Patrick's not available, should I go to A Man for a suit instead?

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C'mon guys, someone here must have an answer to my a newbie some love!
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I don't know the answer to your question. In my experience, Chan may take a day or two to respond to email, but I always get a reply.

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I have never used Chan but I did have a suit made by A Man last year. All I can say is I will use them again next time in Hong Kong.
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Chan is not replying to e-mails because they are on holiday for Chinese New Year. They should start catching up in a couple of days. I don't know how things are run at Chan's Kowloon operation, but given that Patrick is away on tour for about 10 weeks out of the year, I am sure they must have other competent personnel to assist local customers.
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I don't know who measured me 10 years ago when I dropped in, but it went very well. The only things I don't like about the suit are the left and right shoulder , which I should have insisted forcefully to be natural/soft. With even the least encouragement, Chan will go too square.

One benefit to Chan vs. A-Man is that Chan comes to the US. If you like their product and want to re-order, you will get a better look at cloth and they can tweak your pattern. A-Man will do an honest mail-order, but no more than that.
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When at A Man I had asked about ordering items and having them shipped. They said they would do sports jackets but didn't want to make trousers without fittings. They were worried about proper fit without fittings. I took this as a good sign of the quality they strove to produce. One of the reasons I used them.
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Fiona, has always been responsive to my email inquiries. I am an existing customer. Get an appointment, get measured and go from there. I've been satisfied. The more knowledgeable you are the better- do the research and don't pay too much attention to these idiot fanatics on this blog, unless they have a moment of clarity.
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