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For some reason when I look at it, to me it looks too tight around the chest and is pulling? A few other posts mentioned it might be too big instead though.

One thing that makes the entire suit look out of proportion is that it is too long for you and the button stance is placed oddly relatively to the length of the jacket. Also, there seems to be minimal drop or even a reverse drop in some pictures???
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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

he should of just told you that he could not fix it, IMO.

He can. He said there are still material to let out of the centre back, and taper in the front of the jacket instead, but he said he won't do it because I took it to the other alteration, and he doesn't want to re-alter the jacket from some other tailor.

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Is this your Dior Homme suit?

It's hard to say what all is wrong as the first set of pictures reveal issues that aren't as apparent in the second set of pictures. hard to discern what is wrong and what is off due to photography. Especially the wrinkles in the sleeves. That the jacket is too big is obvious in both sets of pictures. Your posture in the pictures doesn't help either as either your head is tilted down or your upper body is twisted.

Did you have the sleeves narrowed and shortened at the same time or did you have one thing done and went back for the other?

Don't use the tailor that wants to let out the center back, it won't help and it is the wrong adjustment.
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