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The British Thread.

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One is inclined, in the midst of all this American jargon, to operate a proper British thread.

One is not talking about the false British gossip areas such as found on other esteemed fora; rather, a little Strachey is better than none at all.

One's first contribution in all its generosity:

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What a horrible thread. I did not realize you could sink so low LabelLynde.
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One cannot sink so low when there are others already in the gutter, dear Connie. Indeed, dear sir, mine is not the only bastion of Anglophilia on the fair internets. One need look no further than on the vast and former colonies where Yankees are conducting en masse a frightful and dodgy tributary substance of all that is proper and British--namely, gossip revolving round headline mongers such as the Ferry flock and proper breakfasting victuals. One needn't unnecessarily assert one's British-ness, dear sir for as Dame Sitwell once penned: "A great many people now reading and writing would be better employed keeping rabbits". All yours etc.,
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Wonderful! Please do enlighten us about proper British manner and traditions!
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Dear Swedish Sir,

A trifle, but an integral one of the British culture is the Christmas pudding. Mind, while God is embedded in our mindset, we take no such thing as seriously as do our colonial friends who persevere with the tedium of God and Country--namely the provinicial country. One need only to take a small glance at such prosrcibed American centres of cultural development--called Cities--and see that San Francisco has among its chief achievements a false and pretentious "French" museum founded by a budding socialite in the 20th century. Palace is as apt a term for that edifice as President is for Messrs.Bush & Cheney.

While one digresses, the Christmas pudding's most important but hidden atribute is the silver sixpence hidden inside along with such interesting delights as the bachelor's button, the spinster's thimble, two rings to announce love, and a pig for the requisite glutton.
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ahh Nick
Originally Posted by Nick M
Everything about this is truly great
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Can't have a British thread without:

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I had the opportunity to visit the city of London last September, before I embarked on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 in Southampton for a Mediterranean Cruise. This gave me a glimpse of British civilities and has opened my eyes to other worlds out there. I rather liked it. Being on the Cunard was a very British experience and has now developed a taste for white glove service afternoon tea with scones, sandwiches and pastries. British breakfast however, is a different matter.
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Originally Posted by Nick M

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Biggles Takes It Rough. That is hilarious. It's been close to twenty years or more since I even thought about Biggles, now I'm stuck thinking about Algy.

It's been a few years since we lived in England but this morning we had PG Tips and beans on toast.

Nice crumpet by the way Nick.
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Burberry hat...
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lmao best thread ever. 5 stars
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