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hi.  within the last few months i've begun working at an upscale clothing store (well, upscale for my town anyways :p ) before going back to school, and i've learned more about clothing and tailoring in 6 months than i ever thought i would know.  other than my natural affinity for clothing, (err, lol) i really had zero knowledge of clothing construction or anything remotely technical... and if there's one thing i hate is not knowing your job, so i'm always trying to learn more about fabrics and the construction of suits and tailoring processes, especially since i plan to be there for at least another year.  


ANYWAYS, i'm still learning tons, and i run into new questions all the time.   yesterday i ran into two things i was wondering about.



1. what is a taped armhole?   I saw it written on a shirt tag, a fairly cheap leo chevalier shirt, with a number of other things and had never heard that term used before.  


and 2. what are sport loops on a pant?  and what distinguishes sport loops from other loops?  it was advertised in our coppley spring 2012 catalogue on a pant.  I *assumed* it must be some sort of configuration of the belt loops, but really, it's the first time i've heard people talk about the loops of a pant.  



thx SF, hope u guys can help me out :)



[edit]  just saw the quick questions thread now :p