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Discussion on episode 2

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Alright, since this was so huge, I want to see what everyone thought of it. I loved the character development and plot development, but I didn't think that the two light sabre battles did the series justice. Yoda WAS truly bad-ass, but his fight with the Sith lasted only minutes. So here's a run-down of things I liked and things I didn't: I liked: Yoda, Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-Yooo-dah. All the hinting that they did with Anakin. Obi Wan: "You're going to be the death of me" HA. Anakin, when discussing dictatorship: "If it works" Anakin, and the fact that I am completely jealous of him getting to kiss--- Natalie Portman, and her stomach and shoulders-Princess Le-who? THE MATRIX RELOADED PREVIEW Yoda-some more. Seriously, didn't he redeem this movie? I can't even stop thinking about that fight scene. Yoda,yeah. Amadala, and the fact that she can kick some monster ass and scrap droids w/ Jedi. Shaft-err, Samuel L, and his purple light sabre. BTW, shouldn't Yoda's light sabre been, erm, golden or something.? Janga Fett and the transition with his son into Boba. Anakin fighting with 2 light sabres Yoda Yoda and the scene with all the Padawan learners. Pwe-pwe. Things I didn't like: Did all the good fight scenes get scrapped at some point? Samuel L-I love him, but let's be honest... he wasn't the best swordsman. Big battles- LUCAS, we go to see liiiiight sabres, not the guns. Get it right, damn it. Mom dying. ::sniff sniff:: Stupid Tuskan raiders Natalie Portman's shoulders and stomach...only JAR-JAR?. (actually, they toned him down a lot, and I think they fit him in nicely) Palpatine-bastard. Alright, what's everyone else think? If you read this and you haven't seen it, don't yell at me, I warned you.
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Well gee. I sincerely hope I didn't ruin anything for anyone since there have been 10 reads and no replies. If I did, you'll have to forgive me.
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The movie can be summed up in one word - CHEEZY. All it did was purport to rip off other movies (hell, it even ripped off the old Zaxon video game).
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Michael and GQL- I heartily concur. Yet more m-fng formula. Guess I'll just have to write a screenplay and do an indie. Yoda fighting using the troops that will become his opressors is a hoot. Shows that there are no friends in politics- only interests. That chancellor is definitely the Emperor, everyone knows that. Bush-ian manipulation of galactic politics (Steve ducking) Yoda should have gold- totally agree Mike. Or silver/transparent- the highest Chakra color- and a challenge to do onscreen. Sorry- at this point I gotta believe Lucas is only doing it for the money, especially cuz he didn't buy the rights to that damn cat web site. check out (More tips from Mike). Opinionated as always.... Steve B.
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Sorry- at this point I gotta believe Lucas is only doing it for the money, especially cuz he didn't buy the rights to that damn cat web site. check out (More tips from Mike). Steve B.
LOL. Oh Steve I got a good laugh out of this one. That made my night. Oh me. Darn those people. Who would do that? The cat isn't even cute... Let's start lobbying for a 3.5 movie, you know, in between 3 and 4. Where it's ONLY Yoda fighting with Darth Sidius. Nothing really happens, they just fight the whole time. It could be augmented by a Jedi ping pong tournament where each Jedi has a ping pong paddle HANDLE that forms the light-sabre type material when activated. I ALWAYS thought that would be funny. Anyway, anyone else see it yet? Opinions, opinions.
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Hi All, Saw the movie last night. Although I enjoyed it, I think that it suffered from a lack of focus. Remember the good old days, where the whole movie was based on simple premises? To recap:A New Hope - bring the message to the Rebels; Empire Strikes Back - Get to the never revealed "rendez-vous" Upgrade the Jedi skills; Return of the Jedi: Save Han, destroy the new Death Star, and incidentally, the Emperor, Vader, and everyone else there. In the new movie, you've got everyone going every which way trying to do every which thing. Padme goes to Corusant. Obi-Wan and Anakin go too. Padme and Anakin go hide out on Naboo. Obi-Wan goes to investigate the cloners (BTW - not the most acute detective work on the part of the Jedi Council. You'd think they wouldn't need the force to figure out what's going on. It not like Palpatine isn't fairly obvious. They need to bring in those guys from NYPD Blues or something.) Padme and Anakin (embarassing acting on both their parts) go to Tattoine. Obi-Wan goes to the Droid planet, Padme and Anakin go after him... The result is that Lucas spins his wheels a lot. That Christensen is not strong enough a lead to carry the movie is expected, but you would at least think that they could make a more convincing villain in Palpatine. At least give him a reasonably nasty sidekick like Darth Maul. I mean, Jango looks and acts like just another working stiff, and Count Dooku looks more suited to playing another 18 holes with his boss than get into a lightsaber fight with Yoda. Sigh...
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Liiiight sabbbeerrrrrrr fight. Yodddddddaaaaaaaa. Mmmmmmm.
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I know this is an older topic but I like to avoid the new movie rush. I wish that the actor that played Anakin didn't suck ass. Also, how lame was the scene when Anakin is bitching about Obi Wan and says "He doesn't understand me."? Did the movie really have to cater so much to the younger audience? I also would have really liked to have seen Anakin butchering the Tuskan Raiders. It would have made that step in his character development more solid. I did think that the fight scenes were very well done though. Mace Windu taking out Jenga Fett was particularly splendid. That reminds me that seeing Boba Fett and his origin was awesome. All in all a pretty good movie but disappointing as part of the series.
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I just remembered something I think is funny. Naboo elects their "Queen"? That's ridiculous in so many ways.
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