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New Travel Bag

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Hi guys. Long time reader first time poster. You guys give great tips!
I travel a lot for my work and am in the market for a new travel bag.
I want something classic and well made, so I'm looking at a
Louis Vuitton Damier GraphiteKkeepall 55.
Anyone have experiences with this bag? Any thoughts (or alternatives) will be greatly appreciated!

Here's a link to the bag
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That is a fantastic bag, would this be for business or pleasure travel? The reason I ask is that if I were to use that bag I would be wary of the message it sends to people you might encounter at airports and such when you are traveling for business. I would carry it without a thought on holiday to Capri but would have some level of concern when I am meeting someone I don't know well. Additionally I am always in the back of my mind thinking about security and a LV bag screams, steal me. I have recently seen the new collection just released at Barneys from Mark Cross, once a great name that lost its way, it seems to have found it again and has some wonderful offerings in the same shape. The beauty of this type of solution is kind of the same as wearing a Patek. To the aficionado it says it all, to the uninitiated it simply looks like a round watch. Others I might consider that come to mind offhand are; Mulberry, Frank Clegg, Swaine Adney Brigg, Bill Amberg, and perhaps Glaser Designs out of SF where you would have the ability to specify exactly what you want. I also rely on Mr. Porter for ideas as well. I hope this helps, RCC.

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I have this bag, and have used it extensively while traveling.

You are 100% right about it giving off a certain impression. I get tons of comments at airports about the bag, and mostly with negative connotations due to being LV.
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glaser has a sail cloth bag that is amazing and has an interesting look like this, it is a newer item. I am totally biased and love their bags.
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rssmsvc I was wondering how you went about getting your Glaser bag? I have just recently been exposed to this company and have been reading about their custom program and also was wondering if it was available in any forms at retail? Thanks much, RCC.

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You can video skype with the owner Myron or if you are in SF stop by his shop.
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I personally like the Burberry Beat Check Holdall, I have had mine for a year now and it is awesome.  To me, it doesn't scream look at me/douche, like the Louis does.  Very elegant and understated.

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