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Made To Measure suits online?

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Hello all, I have a two-part question.



Are there any websites that sell MTM suits that the SF community generally agrees are high quality and worth the money?


Also, do any of those particular websites offer Velvet suits?

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Thanks for your in-depth, well thought out reply.

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Cad & the Dandy, Barrington Ayre and Bookster are good places to start IMO.
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Wouldnt touch Cad and Dandy with a barge pole.

Shoddy service!!!

I was measured for a suit some 7 weeks ago and never got a call from them for my fitting. So I called and was told somebody would be in touch. I finally got a call from a Cad n Dandy this week saying they had lost my measurements, even though they have had my payment in full for obver 6 weeks.

I was then asked to come in to be remeausred. This turned onto a fiasco when I was asked to come to turned up at their premises on Saville Row to find it shut. I called and spoke to one of their guys who was apologetic and said he couldnt make any decesions but woud make sure Ian, the man in charge, Managing director. would hear about it and call me to put things right. I received a call from Ian the next day. who impressed me with his attitude of “Do you want your money back”. I reminded him that he had my money for over 6 weeks and had not called.

I also stated I was happy with the initial service I received from Marcel (tailor who measred me) but I found his (Ians') attitude highly objectionable. His response was that if Marcel had done his job right he wouldnt be in this position and wasnt willing compensate for my time or incovenience, and he would refund my money. I settled for a refund, rather than have a suit made that would be as shoddy as the service I received. Now thats waht I call 5* customer service.

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Online mtm is not worth the cost unless you are willing to get the suit altered at a local tailor afterwards.

As for C&D, surprised at the service. They were brilliant when I got a suit and jacket made, got some odd-trousers planned with them.
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Originally Posted by Inker19 View Post

Thanks for your in-depth, well thought out reply.


Don't sneer so. You will learn more from searching older threads than expecting it all to be repeated for your convenience.
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Very true. Expect to be spoonfed answers to questions asked dozens of times and be prepared for a series of disappointments ...
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Spoo had a good run with Kent Wang. Indochino is probably the most talked about and it is hit or miss. There are big threads for both with plenty of experiences.
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As far as I can tell Cad & Dandy still requires measurements taken by them and they do fittings etc. That seems to make them more of a regular MTM venture rather than it truly online-MTM only, right?
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Step 1 for successful online or mail order MTM is to really know your measurements and how they translate to fabric.

Step 2 be honest about what you're asking for in regards to the first. People too often have this idea in their mind of what they think tailoring can make them look like instead of simply complimenting what they actually look like.

Square peg round hole syndrome - A person hears Made to Measure, they think they can order whatever they've seen from anywhere and it will turn out. Not every tailor (esp not the ones working at for discount MTM stores) have an encyclopedic knowledge of every cut, style and silhouette. You will get best results by just modifying the measurements that you need for the suiting to fit properly than you will asking for Neapolitan cut with soft shoulders, but hacking pockets with ticket pocket and trousers that have no break with extreme taper with a 3 inch cuff. The poor tailor is going to see this and go, "mkay whatever." And you've just increased the chances your clothing will require massive alterations or to be written off as a bad decision.

Stay simple, MTM/Bespoke are for people who want something that fits them with personal selections (IF they know how to incorporate those personal choices). Until you know how different measurements affect the others, you will be best served keeping your input limited and letting the tailor do their job. I don't know how many poor MTM/Bespoke wrecks have been posted on SF over the years, but it happens often enough.
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Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

As far as I can tell Cad & Dandy still requires measurements taken by them and they do fittings etc. That seems to make them more of a regular MTM venture rather than it truly online-MTM only, right?

They're a bespoke outfit that also does online MTM, but their in person bespoke/MTM business is their bread and butter.
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I am trying a new company local to my area that I funded on Kickstarter called Hubris Reed. I'll post with results when I get my suit in two months.

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Most made to measure online stores still need your measurements when purchasing online.

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I recently ordered a suit from everythingbespoke, the eBay MTM retailer, and it's spectacular.  It conceals all evidence of my worst features, accentuates my best, and makes me look much better than I deserve.  So far, I've worn it out twice and gotten a lot of compliments and remarks.  It's strange, I'll admit, to wear a suit that looks better than everything else in the room.  I'm self-conscious about that kind of attention, and I'm not sure I like it.


Customer service was prompt and courteous, and despite insisting that five-to-six weeks were required, I had the suit in just under three.  Total price was around $140.  You can't beat the price, and I'm thoroughly pleased with the product.

I'm ordering three shirts from them soon and another suit.  If I have any complaints, it would be that the fabric isn't the nicest I've ever felt....but then, I selected the cheapest budget stuff instead of the better premium fabrics to minimize the risk.  For somebody like me, with a weird body distribution that off-the-rack just doesn't address, it's amazing how well it fits.


I've attached a couple of shots for reference purposes.


photo(1).JPG 120k .JPG file


photo(2).JPG 115k .JPG file
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