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Corneliani "Gruppo Studio" - Barneys NY

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Hey guys - I'm looking to purchase a decent suit online and ran across what seems to be a pretty good find on ebay. I've searched in this forum and at AAAC and the only reference I could find is the exact same question that I have (that went unreplied at AAAC). I hope you can help.

What is up with the Corneliani "Gruppo Studio" line sold at Barneys NY? A picture of the label is found below. Is this a lower line, higher line or just another name for the same suit?

Also, it seems that the Corneliani jackets have "smaller shoulders" compared to other brands. My current jackets have a 21" shoulder seam and the measurements I'm seeing for the same size Corneliani jackets are 19"-20 1/2". Would this be due to different cut, construction or possibly measuring techniques? Should I maybe jump up a size?

Also, my impression of Barneys, from what I've read, (I've never been to their store) is that most of their stuff is of higher quality. True?

Thanks again for all of your help.
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Have not heard of Gruppo Studio before...hmm...
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Thanks for the reply. I'm going to assume that since it's a Corneliani coming from Barneys that it is probably decent quality. The stated shoulder measurement is 1 1/2" less than what I normally wear so obviously I'm concerned about this. I think I'll give it a try though.
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I have seen a used Corneliani Gruppo Studio for sale and wondering what this model is?? some bullshit low level line trying to be passed off as a higher end line?
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I believe the Gruppo Studio line is the more fashion forward line.
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The Corneliani I got from sierra trading post was not undersized in the shoulders compared to most makes. A 42R was a 42R. It was the standard boxy cut though. I thought it would be a little more fitted like a Polo suit, but I was mistaken.
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