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Does nobody else like CK Be?

I absolutely love it.
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Been wearing lately Chanel Bleu, Boucheron Jaipur and Dior Homme Intense:nodding:
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Virgin island Water

Neroli Portofino

Riverside Drive

Green Irish Tweed




Tobacco Vanille

Bond no 9 Manhattan

Ambre Nuit

Oud Ispahan

Xerjoff Richwood



Got bottles of Pure White and Bois Du Portugal on the way.

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In essence, colognes are like fine whiskeys . There’s a varied selection of great colognes, each with their own distinct sensory profile. Not every scent is going to be suited to your own personal style, so what’s important is to pick out a couple of great smelling colognes, preferably a light one and a full-bodied one, that will help to establish you as your own man. Try a few different samples, see how it mingles with your natural odors and enjoy.

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Recently bought a 120ml Creed BDP... Dropped the flipping thing on the floor. Took it as a sign not to buy expensive cologne, so, now I wear l'occitane. 



Edit: It did smell like heaven while I had it.


Second edit: My bathroom floor smelled like heaven for a week after I dropped it.

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My top 3


Paco Rabanne - 1 million

Tom Ford - Noir

Giorgio Armani - Acqua di Gio Homme

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I used to have 50 or so fragrances but noticed that I started wearing only an handful at most and also that in my conservative work environment strong fragrances were not appropriate, so I gave almost all away and what I use now is
AdP Colonia Intensa (current favourite, great staying power)
AdP Colonia (for regular workdays)
AdP Mediterraneo Acqua di Capri (lovely Neroli undertone, great in the summer or good mood day)
AdP Colonia Intensa Oud (a present, very long lasting with the Oud that will outlast all the other layers, mostly used when going out)

I also still use at times A*Man by TM if going to a bar or similar, the original Dolce & Gabbana for days out with kids (I have one last bottle from 2000, original blend made in Italy, not to be confused with the Germany made 2nd version, and the current re-interpretation).
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Creed Aventus

Dior Homme Intense

Chanel de Bleu

Abercrombie Fierce

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