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Colognes you wear?

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I hope this topic hasn't already been discussed... What cologne does everyone wear, and how did they choose it? In high school and college, I would wear whatever Calvin Klein cologne I could get my hands on. I got tired of smelling like every other frat boy in town, so I went in search of something a bit unique. Now, I wear Tiffany for men and Hermes Rocabar. I really wanted to Like Creed's Irish Tweed, but nearly barfed when I smelled it for the first time. I guess that's why there are as many different scents as there are men.
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I've heard so many good things about Creed, but alas, they don't sell it here. I have too many colognes right now. I don't wear them every day, either. So I probably have enough to last me ten years. Gucci Envy - I bought it because I was smelling different colognes at the department store and fell in love with this one. Polo Ralph Lauren - Came in a gift set I recieved for being a loyal customer to some store. Hugo by Hugo Boss - I needed to get a gift for someone, so I bought a set that included the cologne. I took the cologne and gave the person the rest of the stuff. I know, I'm cheap.. Black by Kenneth Cole - It was a birthday gift. Smells good though. Michael by Michael Kors - I bought this without smelling it because they didn't have a sample version and I had been wanting to try it. It's pretty good, not outstanding. Gucci Rush - I'm a Gucci fan. I bought this at the boutique in Toronto. Great summer scent. Adidas Moves - I've had this for a long time. It's almost empty. It's pretty good for the money. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier - I love the smell of this stuff. The bottle is cool too. I had been hearing good things about it and decided to try it out. I also have various samples that I use every now and then. Givenchy Pi and Armani Mania are among my favourites of those. I just can't seem to stick to once scent.
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As far as choosing what cologne to wear, just go with what smells nice on your skin.  Like you were saying, sirhc, about the many different scents in the world, the chemicals react differently on everyone's skin.  Some fragrance may smell great on the sample paper the store uses but not-so-great when you put it on.  That's why I won't buy perfume for my girlfriend as a gift unless she mentions that she liked it or I was with her when she tried it on.  Anyway, on to what I personally use:  Coriolan by Guerlain - I found it in a store during a trip to Italy, and I've used it ever since.  I almost always wear this.  Tabac - my father actually had this from a long time ago, and I inherited it and have used it from time to time.  Old Spice - I can't even remember what it was called specifically; it was in a white porcelain-like bottle with a grey cap.  I haven't used this in awhile, but it was nice.
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I just can't seem to stick to once scent.
Well said, Roller.  I'm much the same way.  I have about 8 bottles of cologne and would buy three more if I could afford to.  I recently purchased a bottle of Higher by Dior, and after confirming my thoughts with three different women I know it turned out to be a great choice.  I also really like the original Kenneth Cole, the one that comes in the gray circular shaped bottle.  Very unique.  And in addition to the actual bottles I have, there are about 8 different samples that I have picked up over the past couple months.  Of the ones that I got recently, Aramis Life I really liked, and Hugo Boss No. 6, which I bought my Dad for Christmas.  And if you are looking for a real unique scent, check out Boss In Motion.  It will smell funky the first time you smell it, but try it on or get a sample and see what you think.  Just my two cents.  Take care. Kevin
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i have a bottle of 'curve' that i recieved as a gift. i don't like it enough to buy it myself but i've recieved a lot of compliments on it. i also wear calvin klein 'contradiction' which i don't like either but i recieved it as a gift so i'm just rying to use up the bottle and get it overwith. btw, the scent seems to fade very quickly on this one. also have 'acqua di gio' by armani. another gift and it's a bit too citrusy although i do like citrusy scents. 'versus' by versace. the scent is rather generic and the bottle is very uncomfortable to use. i don't recommend this one at all. the original armani was my favorite for a long time but now i like bugari, the regular one, for casual wear. i also like plain old paco rabanne (a little more formal) and i'm going to get both of these as soon as i'm done with all my 'gift' bottles. there's one by hermes which i like too, but i can't remember which one it was.
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I'm a fan of "Drakkar Noir" in the fall and winter and "Tommy" in the spring and summer. Been wanting to try out "Acqua Di Parma," but haven't found it in any store around me, and I'd rather not order something on-line that I'm sure if I'll like or not. I just got a sampler set at Christmas with "Curve," "Lucky," and a bunch more but I havn't had a chance to try any of them. No offense to you guys who wear it and like it, but I can walk into any Frat party on campus and I guarantee that the place will smell like cheap ass beer and "Acqua Di Gio." I swear they must pass that cologne out to every new pledge every year.
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I use: Dark Blue - Hugo Boss Acqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani Cool Water - I forget who it's by Swiss Army Original Swiss Army Altitude =)
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Dolce & Gabbana pour homme Bulgari pour homme Chanel Allure Creed Silver Mountain Water YSL M7 Guerlain Habit Rouge I just started buying cologne this fall, so most of my fragrances are more suited for colder weather.  I'll need to pick up a few lighter ones once warm weather approaches. Check out if you want to learn more about colognes.
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Cristobal. And the trustworthy Eau Savage.
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I use Helmut Lang Cuiron from the Helmut Lang fragrance store in NYC. I also use Comme Des Garcons 2 in the summer. They're both fresh, unique and interesting... not overpowering. I never smell like others as well
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On the rare occasions when I wear anything it's usually either Polo and Polo Sport. However, after reading all of these posts, I am thinking that I might start wearing fragrances more often. I need to use up the bottles I have so that I can try some of these different ones that everyone has suggested. Bradford
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I rotate the following scents, organized from lightest to heaviest: Creed, Silver Mountain Water -- much more distinctive in my opinion than the signature Green Irish Tweed; unfortunately, has little staying power Jil Sander, Sander for Men -- a woody, spicy scent that is strong enough to be distinctive, but not so strong as to be annoying; I'm surprised it isn't more popular Fragonard, Sieste -- a musky scent I picked up while vacationing in France a little over three years ago Chanel, Egoiste -- an absolute classic that never quite caught on, perhaps due to its extremely annoying ad campaign in the early 90s
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I'm usually pretty light on the cologne... unless your near my neck (which is usually a good thing for me, and hopefully, those involved)... Citrus: Issey Miyake Pour Homme Salvatore Ferragamo (weak staying power compared to the Miyake..stronger notes of juniper) Light: Bvlgari Blv...smells a bit like baby powder. I like the smell after working out or showering. Evening: Safari by RL Future Investment: Hugo by Hugo Boss and Creed Silver Mountain Water...the other Creed fragrances were pretty bad on my skin. I also felt that Aqua Di Parma was too feminine smelling. I also might try mixing the Citrus/Juniper scents at some point if I get bored. I'll probably stop after that... matt
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Btw I really liked the new Kiton, unfortunately, it disappeared almost immediately after drying down on my skin
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I just had to post today that I've just purchased Old Spice... oh yea. old school... It's awesome smelling. For the past 6 months I haven't worn any fragrance at all due to the dissapointment with virtually ALL of them... and I've tried lots... from Creed to Gucci to Aqua di Parma (great scent, but zero staying power); I always make it a point to get free samples when at the department stores... just small talk the ladies behind the counter and they'll hook you up big time. The worst I've tried up to date has to be, I'm sorry to say... Creed. I spent lots on Green Irish Tweed. DO NOT BUY INTO THE MARKETING HYPE... that stuff smells exactly like Coolwater, maybe worse. The staying power isn't even better. I'm sooo pissed that I got duped... They rely soley on the "exclusivity" and brand name image for their product. I guess they need to pay for those expensive storefronts somehow. So... go do yourself a favor and drop 6 bucks on a bottle of Old Spice rather than $150 for Creed.
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