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Hi any more braces (suspenders) wearers out there who like the look and feel of braces whether with formal suit or a more casual look?

I would be glad to hear from others.

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I am only 22, and skinny, so braces do not fit the general perception. However, I just love the comfort and ease of wearing them, but do feel uncomfortable at showing them in public when I remove my jacket/cardigan. My Dad and Grandad wear braces, but my brothers have not yet taken the plunge.

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Hi Coolguy,

I am not finding this site easy to use and have sent you a private message but cannot find evidence that it has actually been sent so here goes again!

Like you, I like the feel and comfort of braces but wish I had been bold to wear them without embarrassment years ago. It seems to me that most braces wearers of my generation try to keep them hidden, whereas the youger guys I see wearing braces seem to be bold and let them be seen (sometimes dangling, sometimes not).

As you are 22, I guess your Dad, who you say wears braces can't be much over 50 (most likely younger), and if your Grandad wears them also it gives you a good start certainly to wear them at home.

I would like to hear from you again as to how things are going. It is such a pity so many folks who prefer braces feel embarrassed letting them be seen. 

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