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Nepotism? Is that a bad thing. Really good post. And I had not read that. Definitely in contention.
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congrats SVB icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

i actually only read subscribed threads so this is first time seeing this so i guess the blog/front page feature thing works smile.gif
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Well, gentlemen, what else? I'm going to be featuring something new tomorrow.
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i nominate this yet -again Synthese post about noob SWD college kids looking to up their fashion game. it balances the MC-heavy 101 content SF added recently.
informative and rather funny.
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

I'm in a good mood, so I'll help you (and then probably just repost this the next time someone comes knockin'). In the future, use the search function and the stickied threads. Do this instead of replying to any of these posts.

i'm going to assume that the real goal here is to look good for the ladies, so...

College wear for fun and profit:

Your shit is going to get messy. Beer is going to get spilled all over everything you own. More than likely, you will sleep in the mud/bushes while wearing most of this stuff. Girls will rub themselves on your pants, which is great, but unhygienic.

First, get rid of your graphic tees. If you want to wear t shirts, and who doesn't, just get some blanks from hanes/american apparel that fit well in the shoulders.

Next, buy a pair of jeans. Everyone here will tell you to buy raws, and they are right. Don't ask what kind. You're getting away with this much, so you can do some forum research next. I will tell you that if you wait, jeans are cheap. Buy jeans that fit you.

Buy a pair of boots that are not desert boots. desert boots are boring and girls don't give a shit that they're based on imperialist rapist-wear. Buy something with a slight heel. Do some research/read up on what you like.

Do not wear adidas all-stars with gelly stripes. Do not wear cargo shorts. Do not wear cargo shorts with your adidas all-stars. Chucks are whatever, but be warned that they will not get you any female attention. do not fucking EVER wear your running shoes unless you're working out, I don't care what you think you know.

Buy slim button downs on the cheap. take j crew button downs to the tailor, whatever. not everything has to be skin tight, but if you want to look like you take care of yourself, a good start is to buy clothes that fit you.

don't save up and buy shit that you'll regret buying. take advantage of fast fashion. Look at WAYWT. Most people are not spending a lot of money on anything. Emulate them.

finally, clothes are not going to make you look better/more classy/ more cultured. If you are a slob, cookie-cutter clothing is not going to fix anything. If you are interested in looking like a mature human, or even an immature but stylish one, don't go throwing your money around. Especially not during college. spend that shit on drugs and alcohol and parties. and some boots.

mostly, go do some fucking research
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can we nominate thumbs up comments as well?

looking at you tcwalter.
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Whodini's post on coffee, nominated by 1969:

Technically, from SW&D, but just shows that good non-clothing related threads are fair game as well. This was perfect for the mix.
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I know that you guys are reading posts. Nominate some good ones. MC won for the first time. I'm pretty sure you guys want to stop their momentum.
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Can we all take a moment to remember the best post ever made on the forums?

"i squandered my life" the words come out involuntarily, truth speaks on its own accord.

the grey weed has spread from the temples and overtaken the once brown foliage of the scalp, every day this earthly vessel transform further and further from the spry youth it embodied into a walking symbol of death itself, time has won this battle.

the denial has carried me this far, but today the burden was too much for it to bare, and through the cracks in the wall of repression, the mid-life crisis has finally broken through.

i am old.

the world goes black, i feel myself slipping, falling. is this the end? is this how we go? lost and alone in the darkness - wait! something has caught me, but what? i open my eyes, is this an angel? she is beauty, she is warmth ebbing, she is savior. but i am no one.

"leave me to die" i say

but she only shakes her head. "you're still young, you're still cool, and we've got just the henley's to prove it!" she holds me, coddling me in the $29.95 size large (18 colors available)

"my daughter has grown up, she doesn't speak to me; my wife has grown apart, she speaks to another man" i can barely stammer the words without crying

"do not worry child, madras is summer's answer to the flannel! model is wearing color: sunwashed boat port deck trinidad."

"i'm obsolete. i am replaced. i am cultural mulch. i can no longer control my bowels"

she laughs, caressing my bloated, athletic-built stomach, from when i swam 40 years ago, which doctor tells me is healthy and normal, not fat. "our shirts are cut just right, not too slim, not too loose. that classic cool."

"the liars, the liars on the internet, they don't like you... they want to destroy you... i want to fight them... give me the power to fight them, to defend your honor!"

but there is no need for vengeance in her heart, she is seraphic and sublime. "our pynchon suit cut is designed by our master stylist, business cool and classic formal, all in one authentic package. wear it three different ways."

she has given me so much already, but what can i give her? i open my mouth to speak but she knowingly cuts me off-

"build me a temple. a temple of a thousand posts. a temple of ten thousand posts. a ziggarut of posts so high they reach the heavans of the forums unpierced by human thought."

for a second i could swear her teeth grew oddly sharp and her eyes flickered with a tinge of red, but i try to put that out of my mind. i am reborn. i am the phoenix rising from the ashes of the banana republic into the fury of the chambray fires. and i am wearing a henley over a flannel.

it's time to post.
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Can we all take a moment to remember the best post ever made on the forums?


not an understatement. (0)

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I nominate one of the greatest posts I've read here by one of my favorite contributors.

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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

I nominate Ivwri's original post in the Yohji thread. It's full of great information, from the historic to the practical, and it is a work in progress, meaning Ivwri continues to take the time to update it. It's also the post that started the thread that gave a lot of SFers (myself included) a closer look at Yohji's work, making it accessible where before it had seemed remote and even maybe a little anachronistic. The thread itself is great: informative, welcoming, polite (!), and smart, with a genuine sense of community, and I believe that tone was set right at the start.

Ivwri, nominated by pickpackpockpuck. This is probably one of the most informative threads on the forum, ever, about a real genius, and the tone of the thread is really terrific.

SWD 4 ; MC 1
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Originally Posted by teenagelightning View Post

your perceptions of clothing and corporeality are about to be destroyed this fall/winter 2013 by a reversible CCP jacket where one side is the inside and the other side is also the inside and there's no wearable side. (couchskin, $18,000)
Originally Posted by teenagelightning View Post

Originally Posted by teenagelightning View Post

Originally Posted by teenagelightning View Post

imagine a montage of every pivotal moment that lead Raf Simons from channeling the fire of youth to being "like, really into lampshades right now, man"
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I was gonna dig up a post by Wolf Cub Moon, but it looks like they've all been del-taco'ed. plain.gif

Instead, I present another post from the indomitable naaaaate:
Originally Posted by naaaaate View Post


Originally Posted by APK View Post

At the risk of opening a can of worms, I'm glad the WvG shirting is doing and looking well, because the front page of this forum has two threads that are sore reminders of the denim disasters from last year. And I feel like I've seen 15 posts from poor connor to the effect of "What's going on?" with regards to contest reward collab.

OKAY so we are just now find out the factory 'screwed the pooch' sizes xs-xxl of our After-Diner shirting because of a design oversight and allbody please -CALM DOWN-. now what happen is that there are no "hand holes" at the ends of each sleeve and both sleeves connect to each one another at the end to make an O shape like an ouroboros but if you do not need hands to do anything it Not Gonna Be a Big Deal No Way Jose. you guys are LUCKY DUCKY this was only one of the "design mixup" that were left in my pattern by the iguana I hired on as Official Wolf Vs Ghost Pattermaker. there is another. And the other is the bonus third sleeve that comes out the middle of the back of the shirt which DOES have hand hole for arm so if you need to use your 'fingly dinglies' for anything you pull arm out of normal sleeve and put it through that back sleeve and it's all good "in the hood". we've charged everyone's credit cards and just now shipped the shirts. i have already gotten lots of compliments on my shirt i think you guys are gonna think these are KEEN and are the BEAST KNEES! oh and p-s: TOTEHOLDERS YOU KNOW THE DRILL BUT HERE IS A DIFFERENT DRILL YOU SHOULD KNOW after last weeks grisly events of surrounding our buddy RandmoKoreaDude my lawyer has asked me to Tell It Like It Is to you dudes that please be careful as we just found out the zipper pull on our the totes were smelted down from an Artefact Of UNspeakable Ancient Evil and you need to take yr totes to a some kind of high level cleric and get a circle of protection cast upon it so you don't get banished eternally to the Abyssal Realm of Tartarus like what happen to RKD best mauro
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Laughed pretty hard lol.
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Someone nominate my goodbye posts so I can winning the money.
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