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CONTEST TIME - nominate the best posts on the forum, win prizes, profit. - Ongoing Front Page Contest

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Contest time. It’s been a while since we did these regularly, officially, and I thought that it’s a good time to start.

We are going to be making some radical changes to the blog format in the future, having the blog be fully integrated with the forum. The purpose will be to house our editorial content and highlight the best of the forum at the same time, and allow readers to interact with the system in the way they feel most comfortable.

The first step will be to find, on a consistent basis, the best posts on the forum.

Every week, I’m going to start a new “nominations” thread, and you can add up more nominations during the week. A “thread or post of the day” will be chosen and featured on the Front Page, every day, or perhaps more or less frequently, depending on the excellence or terribleness of the nominations. J and I will be the final judges, but we may bring in guest judges occasionally, and sometimes, even do things democratically (but not often).

Everything on the site except for Buying and Selling ads, NSFW, Dumb Threads, and Current Events threads and posts, are fair game. Ideally, all the posts will be no more than a week old, but I'll consider things up to a month old if they are really, really, good. There will be a nominations thread in the MC and SW&D forum, but they will not be considered separately. The MC thread is here.

Every month, we’ll put up the posts of the day for a post of the month poal, and we’ll put up a prize for both the winner and the person who nominated the winner, so nominate away. Of course, if you consistently nominate moronic stuff, you may, and will be, subject to the natural consequences, like having your account put in the trust of Connemara for 24 hours.
At the end of the year, we’ll do a post of the year, and there will be a grand prize to determine which member is the big winner. I haven’t figured out what will be the grand prize, yet, but it will be cool. Maybe a pair of MTO shoes, or 3 belts (i.e. the number I usually buy per season), or maybe an all tweed outfit, or, if the winner is a Streetwear and Denim person, an entire J.Crew wardrobe (for jet), or maybe an outfit that makes you look like the littlest goth hobo.

Let’s start. Who wants to go first? These will be posts for next week. Nominate away.


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I nominate yet another fantastic Synth post.

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Nice. I had not even read that one. Keep going.
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OK, here is another good one (about a month old): NAMOR's final submission in the RRL Officer Chinos contest

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More please. Don't let MC win.
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Am I the only one reading this thread? I think part of the problem here is that 90% of SWD only read subscribed threads at this point...

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I subscribe to several threads, but I wander around quite a bit too. I guess that I just don't have the same sense of civic duty that would motivate me to recommend "top posts." Also, it feels like if there is any particularly good post in SW&D worth a recommendation, it's either one of the insanely good fits that pops up every now and then, or it happens to be the much rarer, much more discursive posts such as Synth's latest in the Contentedness Thread.
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I just attempted to read the MC version of this thread



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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Am I the only one reading this thread? I think part of the problem here is that 90% of SWD only read subscribed threads at this point...

Yes, I almost never leave the subscriptions page frown.gif

And there have been some gems, lately, too!
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Obviously I have my biases with regards to what content I find interesting, but this was just an incredible breakdown (along with the ensuing discussion).
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I second that one. ^ was a great post and discussion.
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this probably won't get selected just because the post is so old, but this is probably one of my favorite posts i've read on here re: leather jackets
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

I love my MMM for the design and the fit (on me) and because it's a bit of a historic grail item and mine is extremely broken in and looks cool, but it is NOT anywhere near the level of quality of the TOJ, and that is not shilling. I can make a TOJ leather jacket at the quality level of the MMM for something like $350, but I don't want to, I want to make something better. I also wore winqs Julius FW06 leather quite a bit and I've had a number of other nice leathers in the past, and the Julius is the only jacket I feel competes with TOJ on quality/materials. It is pretty easy to tell why just upon first glance;

-the leather on my MMM is about B-grade cowhide. Yes, it looks great now, but I can tell it wasn't anything special to begin with and it's 10 years of patina that make it lood good. It's dyed well; struck-through black with what I think might be separate blue and yellow dying probably; I see them fade to greenish brown, alothough mine hasn't faded. The leather being thin just means it has gone through more splits and given up more flesh, ie produced more (cheap) suede, leather is always a two in one thing nowadays where the hair side give gives the leather and the flesh side is skivved away to produce all the cheap suede on the market.

-The leather edges are all cut on the MMM. Around the zippers, behind the placket, everywhere. This is pretty low quality. I get my sewers to fold and sew just about every seam possible (sometimes with thick calf it's not possible to fold 4 layers of that and sew them) and the pockets get separate trim flashings as well, all labor labor intensive. Total number of pieces of leather cut to make MMM 5-zip = 15, including lining Total number of pieces of leather cut to make TOJ Moto = 25 (?) or so, the DR takes something like 35 pieces. That is not because they are cutting pieces of leather down to maximize hides and 'piece' stuff together, the size of the main panels that are taken from the hide hearts are still just the same.

-MMM lining = black cotton and cupro sleeves, the lining is disentegrating on mine. TOJ lining = striated cupro, from Japan. Industry standard.

-My leathers: New Zealand or French A plus grade lambskin, or a special cowhide reserved for motorcycle jackets. Both cost roughly the same; I'd honestly pin the MMM's leather at 2/3rds the price materials wise, Rick Owens at less than half, most anything else less than half.

-vintage MMM 5-zips have MRS zippers, which are good and make the style of the jacket; new models since a few years ago have had YKK's with bar pulls, the same exact zippers I use. Anyway, the point I wanted to make wasn't to shill my leathers beacuse they are what they are, but I think the term 'quality' gets thrown around a lot, and when it comes to leather jackets that carry huge markups and premiums, I think there is a lot of truth to be told. The same goes for suits, etc, but leather jackets are traditionally known to be extremely expensive, but materials and labor wise they are not any more expensive than a medium-cheap suit. I have seen a few leather jackets that I feel really jumped out at me materials and quality wise; Quai de Valmy had a leather moto recently that had the same rich lambskin that I use, but that jacket was unlined, and fit a bit weird. It was about 600 Euro on sale from Colette and normally about 2-3000, it's 3000 locally here. RLPL and PRL have had some nice feeling leather jackets, but they don't work unless you're 60. My original intention was to actually bring the feel and make of a RLPL leather I saw many years ago, into a modern design.
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I feel like Sipang is underrated. Consistently good threads and pictures, pretty much kept SW&D from devolving into one big Jcrew thread in the post-softy era
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