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Unfortunately our visit to NY has been shifted (possibly at the end of Winter/start of Spring. However, you (and all the others interested) can subscribe to our next event and we will inform you as soon as it will be setted in our agenda. Thank you for your interest.


Quarantanove: I'm sending you a PM with prices right now. Thank You

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sorry, forgot to write my name.


Best regards,

Stefan Ravnanger

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It’s been a while since our last post. As you may imagine we have been very busy with our commissions, our new logo and the new badges for our products, it’s always busy when it comes xmas period.

Well, waiting for the rising of the new year, we have prepaired something for a smoking hot Smoking for your unique and special events.

This is a real luxurius fabric by Dormeuil “Extrafine  Merino” Collection… something you have to touch and see with your own eyes to understand its real value. The way this fabric absorb the light in its fibres and the way it transform it in a multicolored navy royal blue shadows is indescribable.

What do you think about a Smoking with black silk shawl collar and a nice black trouser to match it?

We are preparing something with it, just keep an eye on our blog!

E’ passato un po’ di tempo dal nostro ultimo post. Come potrete immaginare siamo stati molto impegnati con le nostre commissioni, il nuovo logo e le nuove etichette per i nostri prodotti, è sempre impegnativo quando arriva il periodo natalizio.

Aspettando il sorgere di un nuovo anno, abbiamo preparato qualcosa per un lusso senza fine, uno Smoking per i vostri eventi speciali.

Questo è un tessuto di vero lusso di Dormeuil “Extrafine Merino” Collection… qualcosa che dovete toccare e guardare con i vostri occhi per capirne il vero valore. Il modo in cui questo tessuto assorbe la luce nelle sue fibre e il modo in cui la trasmorma nelle tinte del blu reale e blu scuro è indescrivibile.

Cosa ne pensate di uno Smoking con collo a scialle e un pantalone nero da accoppiare?

Stiamo preparando qualcosa di questo tipo, controllate il nostro blog!



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nice Musella. Keep the posts coming.
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Originally Posted by ThinkDerm View Post

nice Musella. Keep the posts coming.
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Here some new updates of the Dormeuil Blue Royal now being cut! As you can see in the first picture, the effective color of the fabric changes a lot with different light shades.






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Today has been a very long day full of things to do, many of them we are still working on, but anyway here you can get some snapshots of us working at some final stages of a sport SB jacket, patched pockets in a beautiful light grey w. hazelnut windowpane tweed and matched with vibrant green linings, a second fitting for one of our customers. More pictures on our website:










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Looking good Musella, looking forward to see the instalments. Any chance of taking pictures of the fittings.
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Yesterday we tried the second fitting (sleeves still not completed) of the light grey tweed jacket shown in the previous posts to our customer. Some few adjustments to do and it is ready!



some more pics here:

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It's shaping up nicely, from this angle it looks a tad short.
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tchoy: thanks, it's not that short as you might say from the picture. Actually the customer is short-leg and the jacket has been made to his requests to have a good proportions on his body.

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As promised here are some pics shot this weekend. What we have here is an Ulster Paletot in our ancient Milanese tradition. This is something very special you don’t see very often. 

Also, for your information, I reveal you about our new Tumblr page that will be ready very soon for all you Tumblr users.



more pics here:

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Our doublebreast trademark. Here another one of our double breast in the old milanese tradition, the same cut made for Gianni Agnelli during the old time era.

A steel blue sharkskin wool made for one of our customers with the original milanese occhiello lucido, an antique milanese tecnique my aunt, one of the italian buttonhole masters, taught me last year.



We are ready also with a new tumblr page:

Come to check out our new page and some new updates

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Great looking DB! Can you post some close up pictures of your aunts button holes?

Following you on your tumblr.
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