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Originally Posted by schrag View Post

I picked up a 2nd hand Floto briefcase off ebay,think it's the predecessor to this model (Cortona). Soft, vegetable tanned leather that's already broken in with some nicks and scuffs.
Works well enough even though it has more room than I need most days.

 I was very impressed by the quality of my co-worker's Floto. He either has the Floto Poste Messenger or Novella (I can't remember) and I almost bought it off of him.

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Originally Posted by sportin_life View Post

Not a forum favorite, but I use a prada saffiano brief, which I picked up on sale for ~ $1100:
I really like the finish on it although it's stamped leather rather than full-grain. It's held up well so far with almost no signs of wear after 9 months. I had wanted a LV taiga type brief but couldn't justify paying LV prices ($4000+ for something similar)

Mine is from Ottino in Florence and looks more or less like this one.
It is over 20 years old and the lock still works. I don't remember what I paid,
but it was several hundred then

Second photo on the right from the top. The brown case standing on its' end
is the model.
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Dunhill chassis single zip:


Quite rare to find something so so simply and, but at the same time completely unique with the carbon fibre print.

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Originally Posted by camjr View Post

I carry a Saddleback Large Thin briefcase (Chestnut as well) every day and find the size to be perfect. I'm flying somewhere every week and it works really well for me. With all my travels, it's taking on some real "character". I could have gone with the medium, but I wouldn't have any extra capacity should the need arise.

That, and the medium looks more like a purse unless you're a very small dude.
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I use a Lotuff and Clegg leather satchel, though now the company has split into Lotuff Leather and Frank Clegg Leatherworks. Every once in a while, I use a Filson 257, but it's rare.

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What are the pros and cons of buckle vs zip briefcases? Will one be more versatile / stay in style longer?

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Maxwell Scott Bag

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I use an old school Hartmann Briefcase -- no tweed.  It is the belting leather but it is a burgundy sort of cordovan color.  Nothing fancy 


This is not mine, just one like it on ebay.  Nothing fancy.    



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I would like to have one like this: 


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