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Best DC tailor that isn't Field's

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I picked up a Borrelli sportcoat that needs shortening at the sleevehead (silly working buttonholes) and I usually only entrust this to Field's, but it turns out they've got a month-long turnaround time and I need it in 8 days for a wedding. Argh.

Any other Washingtonians have positives experiences with other tailors in the area for critical / tricky alterations like this?

Quick responses appreciated smile.gif Thanks
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Could try Hamza Simrick?
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I've had London Tailor in Bethesda shorten sleeve from the shoulder. Went reasonably well. Still felt it was a little long, but not beyond the traditional length. Would have liked an additional 1/4 inch shorter.
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My wife purchased an impeccable Oxxford Clothes sport coat at a great price. The coat was a 46 long and I wear a 46 regular. I took the coat to a master tailor with 45 years of experience that worked for Neiman's for many years. He shortened the jacket a 1.5 inches, did the pic stitching by hand on the new curve on the front of jacket, shortened the sleeves and added working buttons. He works from his home in near NASA in PG County. His name is Leonard Solomon. and he will also come to you. If interested send me a message at and I will give you his number.

You can also try Joe Sauro Custom Tailor on L St N.W. He also over 40 years and does great work. I hope this helps.

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Could try Hamza Simrick?

I'll second this- have taken a number of suits and jackets to Hamza, and been extremely impressed every time. Not cheap, but worth every penny.
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I was quite happy with Baytok in Georgetown. Might be a bit pricey though.

Anyone have recommendations for an inexpensive tailor in the area (preferably in NoVA) that can just handle simple alterations like shortening jacket sleeves and hemming pants?
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