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Duchamp London - Quality?

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Continuation of my Duchamp key ring saga. I've had it exactly two weeks and the metal is scratching all over the place, it's got permanent smudges, and a very thin laquer-type film starting peeling off once already. Can anyone comment on your experience with this company? Their products (best known for cufflinks, shirts, ties) have wonderful colors but I'm wondering about how they have held up for you.uhoh.gif

Duchamp Key Ring.jpg 32k .jpg file
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I have one of their ties - quality seems good but not outstanding.
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Purchased the Brooks Brothers Key Fob I was strongly considering a few weeks ago, and reduced price and extra points:

Brooks Brothers French Calfskin Key Fob.jpg 9k .jpg file .

Will try to sell Duchamp Key Ring on eBay. I just listed it at a real bargain price, you may want to take a peek and even bid. The color-rich pendant has its flaws but it's Duchamp London, after all, and the design is indeed very striking.

Any other opinions regarding Duchamp products?
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I have cufflinks and Ties from Duchamp. I wear the cufflinks more than the ties. but they are excellent quality and have no problem with them.
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Not sure on the quality (The only thing I like from them is the crystal cufflinks... 


Here are just a few bits of info I know about them....


They're not the same brand they were a few years ago, the old owner, Mitchell Jacobs, sold and established Penrose London, with Michael Whitby-Grub.. 


I heard that if Mitchell was still there, then Duchamp would've evolved in Penrose.


From what I see Penrose, while having a similar styling to Duchamp, is more focused on niche products, intricate designs and well made products, they prefer to call their products color rich as opposed to colorful!! 


Duchamp seems to just be a really loud brand, similar to Boateng??!! I don't think there is any handwork in any of their stuff.. or MOP buttons etc...

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Not being British or attuned to the myriad of designers over there, I'm thinking the closest brand I'm seeing to Duchamp is Paul Smith. Paul Smith appears to be a considerably larger firm, have a much longer history, and I don't think Paul Smith menswear is quite as striking.
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I have one single Duchamp shirt in lavender with a flowery paisley all over it. I wore it once and it has hung in my closet ever since.
Quality is alright but I can't remember what I was thinking (or who's butt I was lusting for in the store) when I bought it.
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Unfortunately no Duchamp key fobs over here. Yours is quite nice. I do have a Versace key wallet in gold finished leather but the gold has worn off the spine and now it looks like crap. What to spray paint? The problem with keys is that they are typically of hard metals that will inevitably wreak havoc to anything they are attached to or rubbed against.
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True, true - as I conveyed in my recent key ring thread.
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My key rings are truly jinxed.... So the stitching starts unraveling on my new Brooks Brothers leather key fob.... The earlier model I have, with the very soiled, discolored silk "rep tie pattern" fob, was better stitched and has dark brown scotch grain leather with lighter stiching, almost matching my Brook Brothers briefcase I bought recently. The new BB version has black leather with black stitching, with the French leather smoother.

Now I'm going to try to exchange it for one with perfect stitching....
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I currently have a Bottega Veneta key thingy. It's rather long but fits well in a pant's front pocket and that's where I keep my keys at the moment.
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I bought this keyring on sale several years ago:

and it's showing minimal wear, despite everyday use. The metal parts are still pristine and the leather (brown alligator) parts have darkened very slightly, from dirt I presume. It's held up remarkably well, considering how hard keys are on anything else in my pocket(s). I like it so much, I searched high and low until I found a combination card case/money clip in alligator. I couldn't be happier with the keyring.

Edit: I have no experience with Duchamp items, though I occasionally admire a tie I see on ebay.
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I wear cufflinks from Duchamp occationally and the three or four pairs I have have lasted well. Their socks didn't hold up so well and the one shirt I bought from them shrunk so much after the first couple of washes that I had to give it away.
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thinman - I don't think I've seen that key ring in person but I have been seeing it on BB's website, and were it considerably marked off I might have been interested in it. Anyways, our second BB here has another of the French calfskin design and is wiling to trade it with the one I just purchased (and I'd better look over the one offered very carefully.... Remarks were very positive about this key fob and the one you have on their website "Comments."
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I have about fifteen duchamp ties, the first ones that I have age back to around 2006. I wear ties every day and as my favourites they get a lot of wear. The quality is better than any other ties that I have purchased and I indeed but another two just yesterday.

I noted above a comment regarding no hand work on duchamp goods but I know for a fact this to be not true. Each of the ties are hand cut and hand sewn and are all made in the UK. The designs change fairly regularly and there are only around a thousand made of each tie which makes them a little more exclusive than some other offerings.

At the price point that duchamp sell at these are very good ties and I highly recommend.

As a few people have said these are not conservative ties and that is very true, I get quite a few comments about my ties. In a profession where most of my colleagues would wear plain boring ties it is nice to be different. Obviously there is a line to this for the normal sane man, if you wear these ties with the bold stripe shirts that duchamp sell it looks too much and closer to a children's entertainer than an accountant but against a normal suit and a crisp white shirt the ties look very striking.
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