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Hi all! 



I'm new the forum and I have a problem with my Zegna tie. I was in my local Nordstrom Rack yesterday and stumbled on the the tie in the picture. It happened to be marked down with an alteration tag from $195 to a mere $20. Exiting, right? Wrong. I had my doubts on the authenticity of the tie after I purchased it as the strip of blue fabric on the bottom of the tie is alot thinner than my other Zegna ties. I didn't think much of it until I went into a regular Nordstrom today. I looked at the same exact tie on the salesfloor and the pattern on the tie I own is flipped! The one at retail has the blue and white stripes under the zig-zaging pattern.


Could it just be that the pattern was cut wrong or do you think I have a fake tie from Nordstrom Rack? There are alot of things like the price and the pattern that seem off to me. I also can't seem to find this design anywhere online. The picture uploaded is of the actual tie I own. 





Zegna tie in question