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Straight razors

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Curious, does anyone have/use a straight razor? I am thinking of trying one, but am scared that I would slice my jugular wide open.
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On the occasions which I think somebody will be watching me shave (say, perhaps the lovely lady who I awoke next to) I sometimes use my Benchmade pocket knife to show her I'm a little different than other guys. Of course, I spend an hour sharpening it the day before, but still I wouldn't reccomend doing it everyday. I'm sure straight razors are a little more comfortable as they are made for that purpose. Just keep it nice and sharp. Kudos to you for opting to 'go against the grain' with your shaving products (deliciously clever pun fully intended).
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That's really brave of you... there is a reason why people don't use them anymore... I got a free shave in Barney's once by the Art of Shaving people, and they cut my face to ribbons. If they can't do it right, I wouldn't suggest doing it yourself.
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i've had a couple of straight razor shaves at the barber shop. the first two times they cut me all over the place, but i did get a close shave. the third time he didn't draw blood once, but i had to shave again when i got home. if you're going for looks, why not try one of the old fashioned safety razors. i've never used one, but they do look cool.
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I think this requires a lot of practice and skill. I used to own one. I so wanted this to work and to free me from regular payments to the Gilette company. I had great enthusiasm and willingness to practice. But I met with failure. I just could not seem to get it sharp enough, or perhaps angle the blade right. It felt incredibly rough and I gave up after 4 tries, feeling rather foolish. Since then I have welcomed the simplicity of keeping up with technology, though lamenting the passing of some elegance, independence, and funds...
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Thanks for the replies. I am no longer thinking of buying a straight razor.
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When I was in college (which wasn't too long ago), my roommate at the time decided to purchase a straight razor. I think he felt that it would complete him as a man, or something. Anyhow, the number of scars lining his upper lip and chin were absolutely staggering in the weeks following that purchase. I'm sure they weren't permanent, but that seems a rather high price to pay for terribly little reward.
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I recently started using a straight razor, since a regular disposable is too wide to shave around my "unorthadox" facial hair, and haven't drawn blood once. To avoid sharpening, I use one that takes disposable blades, and I had my grandfather (a retired barber) show me how to hold the razor. I use the Art of Shave Pre-shave Oil, Shaving Cream, and Aftershave balm and the combination of good products and the straight razor have provided me with the closest, most comfortable shave I've ever had. I didn't feel that it was too hard to learn, and I actually did a better job my first time than the lady that shaved me at Art of Shaving (although she was good, considering that she had to work around my goatee and sideburns). Not only is this THE closest shave I've ever experienced, but it's also cured me of the dreaded razor burn, and made me look cool doing it.
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I get my sideburns and back of neck done with a straight razor at the barber shop I goto, and never once had a problem, looks damn good too... i don't think i could do it myself though on the other hand, save it for the pro's
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I used a straight razor for a couple of weeks. Naturally I cut myself a couple of times (not badly) but that was not the problem... It took me about 1 hour to shave. Oi vey. That's just too long. So now I'm back to using the Mach 3. At least now I have a good badger brush + soap, and macho bragging rights to say I "know" how to shave with a straight razor, and have done so.
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I had a straight razor shave at a barbershop once, and wasn't all that impressed. I'll stick with my Mach 3 - in the case of shaving, I have to say that technology and innovation is a good thing. Bradford
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