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Soft cotton button down shirts

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Actually, this question pertains to dress shirts with or without a button-down collar....I am looking for a place to buy shirts with measured neck and sleeve dimensions (i.e. not M, L, XL but 17x35 etc.) that have a very soft cotton feel.  I owned a shirt like this once, and it's hard to describe, but it was just less rough than a shirt you might get from Brooks Brothers, sort of smooth and just soft.  I don't mean a thicker, winter shirt, but something with a thinner summery feel.  I know there has to be a name for this type of cotton, but I am in the dark.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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Scott James makes outstanding soft cotton shirts that even have removable collar stays. They are fantastic for the price. I have this one and love it:




It goes by neck size in a S,M, L kind of way, I know it isn't what you wanted but they're great shirts.




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The textile science that determines the softness of a cotton fabric is actually quite complex and something I've never understood... it would be great if someone here knew it. What I do know is that you might want to look for a cotton knit rather than a weave... most dress shirting is woven, like wool, which gives it the sharp, smooth, yet rough feel. A knit is like a tshirt. I'm having a shirtmaker make me a knit dress shirt at the moment in an ultrathin knit.
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I was at a BB store yesterday, and saw they had a couple of really soft sports shirts, I think the label said 1818.
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I suspect you may be referring to broadcloth, which BB does carry. You may want to try a few stores which carry shirts to find the fabric. Once you have identified the fabric, you can then investigate makers.
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Sea island cotton is definitely soft but $$$
Poplin and chambray can be soft if fine enough cotton is used
Mercenarised cotton and jersey weave are quite soft
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