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Face cleansers and moisturizers

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What kind of cleansers and moisturizers do you guys use?
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After a lot of trial and error, I have finally settled on: Cleanser = N.V. Perricone Vitamin C Ester Citrus Facial Wash Moisturizer = Baxter of California
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What kind of cleansers and moisturizers do you guys use?
Depends on the nature of your skin. I usually go online at Neiman and buy Kiehls non-foaming facial wash and an exfoliator to be used once per week. I recently purchased facial wash by the Art of Shaving, but haven't used it yet.
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I use Anthony's Glycolic Facial Cleanser. Moisturizer: day- baxter super shape spf 15, night, anthony oil free facial lotion. Better yet, you should be choosing based on your skin type- check out they have a select products based on your skin type feature and have tons of good info.
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Kiehl's is all-around great. I haven't used the facial wash, but I do use their shampoo, shaving cream, and after shave. I'm satisfied with all those, so I'd put money on the fact that they got it right again. As far as a cleansing face wash, I use Dermalogica and - when needed - some prescription wash. Usually, the dermatologist will recommend to apply the prescription at a certain time of day (morning or night). Depending on what he tells me, I'll use Dermalogica during the other.
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navystyles et al, i recently started using the khiel's blue eagle shave cream and it is fantastic stuff. i recommend it to everyone. also, i love the multi-purpose face cream and the all-sport shampoo. they are a bit pricey, to me anyway, but the shampoo and shave cream only require small doses at a time and i think they'll last me a while. i'm going to try the deodorant cream soon. i've been using tom's of main unscented, and like it, but it costs five dollars and runs out after a couple of weeks.
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for facial washes: baxter daily facial wash anthony glycolic facial wash kiehl's mild oatmeal facial cleanser #1 for moisturizers: anthony spf 15 moisturizer pretty well any kiehl's one but their lycopene moisturizers stand out n>dn men makes a decent non spf night moisturizer as well
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Clinique's products are excellent, especially the facial scrub and M lotion. Many people have mentioned shaving creams: if you're popping by London, then I'd recommend you stock up on Taylors shaving cream (obtainable from their shop on Jermyn street). One tub is £5.95 and lasts 3-4 months.
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While viewing the Louis Boston website, I came across this grooming tip: add baking soda to soap lather and even shampoo. I tried it. Several things: My skin felt very clean. My hair had a nice shine. I have had great shaves. (Mach Turbo 3; Nivea shave cream). For me, this worked.
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thanks for the tip. i'll try it.
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While viewing the Louis Boston website, I came across this grooming tip:  add baking soda to soap lather and even shampoo.  I tried it.  Several things:  My skin felt very clean.  My hair had a nice shine.  I have had great shaves.  (Mach Turbo 3; Nivea shave cream).  For me, this worked.
Interesting... I can't wait to try it...
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I have two favorite lines: Aesop and Molton Brown. Aesop ( is a brand from Australia and Molton Brown ( is from the UK. For my skin, it's important to exfoliate regularly, and so I use a facial scrub regularly. My favorite scrub is the Aesop Tea Tree Scrub. This is a granular scrub which you mix with your cleanser. I like it because it's gentle, but still has some "oompf" to it to get rid of dry skin. For cleanser, I prefer to use gel cleansers rather than cream cleansers because I feel that gel cleansers cleanse better. I've been using Cetaphil for Normal-Oily skin. It's cheap and does it's job. I don't really believe in any of the cleansers that claim to do anything other than cleanse such as cleansers with Alpha-Hydroxy acids or special nutrients. Cleansers don't stay on your skin long enough to have any effect. I also use Molton Brown Refreshing Exfoliant which is a jojoba bead-based gentle scrub. I use this when I travel and at the gym as an everyday scrub when I don't want to bring cleanser and scrub at the same time. I very rarely use moisturizer. Salespeople will try to push moisturizer on you when in fact not everyone needs it (it's also a myth that natural ingredients are inherently better than chemicals). If you skin is already normal or oily, you probably don't need it except on very dry or harsh days when your skin is flaking or feels tight. When I do use a moisturizer, I usually just use sunscreen because sunscreen is important. Once in a while, when my skin is flaking on a really dry day, I'll stick on either Kiehl's Lycopene Moisturizing Lotion or Molton Brown Instate Matte Moisturizer. Anyway, skincare happens to be a favorite topic of mine. Hence the long response. Other lines that I like are Fresh (, Kiehl's (but more for hair), Skinceuticals, Peter Thomas Roth and Phytomer. There are some lines out there which are ridiculously expensive and not worth it in my opinion. Some of these which come to my mind are La Mer, Epicuren, Remede, La Prairie, Prada, Karen Herzog, Kinerase, Erno Lazlo, N.V. Perricone and some others. I'm skeptical of skin care lines that make outlandish miracle claims or to have miracle ingredients through products that are essentially cosmetics (if they weren't, they'd have to go under FDA approval, which they don't). So many other factors can inhibit the intended effect of any one ingredient such as pH level of the product, amount of the ingredient (notice how many times the "star" ingredient is at the end of the list indicating that it comprises the smallest amount of the product), and other ingredients which may negate the effect. Your money is better spent on seeing a good dermatologist. In my opinion, while skincare should be effective, 1/2 of it is also pampering. So part of my skincare regimen focuses on dermatologically based lines that don't make any powerful claims. And the other part focuses on just cool sounding products (check out the sugar scrub at
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THC, the esthetician is trying put me on this regimen.

) SkinCeuticals - Simply Clean (cleanser)

2.) SkinCeuticals - Blemish Control Gel (for breakouts)

3.) SkinCeuticals - Daily Sun Defense SPF 20 (moisturizer w/ sunscreen)

4.) SkinCeuticals - Clarifying Clay Mask (for deep pour cleansing)

5.) SkinMedica - Acne Treatment Toner (purifies and tones)

6.) SkinMedica - Ultra Sheer Moisturizer (hydrates and restores with antioxidants)

What do you think?
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+1 on the Anthony glycolic cleanser I don't really use moisturizer since my aftershave does the job each morning. When it got dry over the winter I used some Neutrogina combination skin stuff at night. As for moisturizing aftershaves, I'm enjoying my l'Occitane cade and Art of Shaving lavender.
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4-5 year necropost. NICE!
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